“But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal”(1 Corinthians 12:7)
Talents are for profit making. They’re not mere decorations. In Matthew chapter 25, Jesus told a parable of the master who gave out different amounts of talents to three of his servants prior to his journey. On his return, he rewarded the first two servants who made profits with theirs and punished the third for not making any profit. Remember that talents are given by God to us so we can accomplish certain God-predetermined tasks or assignments (John 15:2). Failure to maximize our talents means we are not making any profits with what he’s given us. You are expected to produce results with what you’ve been given. You are gifted to affect both yourself and humanity positively. A few years back, a Russian billionaire bought two pieces of artwork from an American painter for 200 million dollars. My jaws dropped when the news broke out. I began to wonder whether there was a piece of diamond hiding somewhere in the painting; but there was none. It was just an outstanding artwork that cost so much. The truth is; there are many other talented painters who are not deploying their gifting; hence, there’s no profit whatsoever for them.Recently, a popular soccer player in England said “what we in this profession earn is crazy compared to what obtains in normal life.” He was talking about the huge sums they get paid just to play football. The spectators that pay to watch them are earning very little in their own places of work. Eventually, the big time earners are the ones that deploy their talents. The truth is; when you put your talent to work, people will pay just to see what you have to offer. Titanic, a film that cost $200 million to produce generated $1.2billion from Video and DVD sales and rentals in addition to $2.2billion it grossed in theatres. Huge profit! What’s so special about the film? …there is a story writer; then a producer, then directors, actors, make-up artists, and other talented people… and that’s all. It’s a whole bag of talents, but talents when deployed, generate huge profit. Michael Dell purchased his first calculator at age 7, and while still at junior high, he often dissembled his computer just to see how it works. He had a gift in that area. Today he owns Dell Inc. which produces PC’s and has a net worth of around $20 billion as of August 2016.You Are God’s Business Empire God is business minded. That’s why Jesus said “…I must be about my Father’s Business.” In every business empire, there is a business owner as well as an investment.