How the world population has changed from antiquity to the present day

The World population: According to official statistics, by May 2019, our planet was inhabited by 7.7 billion inhabitants. According to historians and archaeologists, ancient civilizations totaled about 5 million people. 

At the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic, there were even fewer representatives of the species Homo sapiens on Earth, although even then people lived almost throughout the globe.

The table shows how the number of inhabitants of the Earth grew:

The population multiplied, scientists studied the laws of demography. The scientific world came to a unified theory, proposed by Heinz von Förster, that the growth for several millennia went in a hyperbolic manner. 

It stopped in the 50-60th city of the XX century. For a short time, the growth curve moved with slight fluctuations in the increase and decrease in the birth rate. In recent years, XXI century. population growth has stopped.

According to the theory of the physician from France, Jean-Noel Biraben, the maximum level of population of the planet with people will be the mark of 11-12 billion people. Almost all demographers adhere to this opinion and argue that after reaching this figure stagnation and recession will occur.

World Population Growth

The search for solutions to address demographic problems in different countries is carried out by the United Nations Population Fund. Previously, members of the fund adhered to a symbolic tradition of identifying a 5, 6, 7 millionth baby. 

But over time, it became clear that it was impossible to know exactly where such a child was born, so the experts of the analytical organization refused this lesson. According to general estimates, for more than 160 thousand years of human existence on Earth, 107 billion children were born.

Countries with the largest population

According to the census, China and India occupy the palm by the number of citizens. More than 1 billion 300 million people live in the states, and the increase does not stop. According to forecasts, by the end of 2019, the population of China will exceed 1.4 million people. 

Several dozen nationalities live on the territory of the country, but the bulk are ethnic Chinese with the self-name “Han”. After the 5th and 6th censuses in 2000 and 2010, it became clear that the total population only in the continental part of the country is the largest among other states and is not going to decrease or enter a state of stagnation. Then the authorities decided to introduce a birth control policy. 

The first attempts to stabilize population growth began back in 1979. Methods of reducing birth rates were invented, for example, by introducing the principle of childbearing, expressed by the slogan “1 child in the family.” But, as it turned out, relying on the Chinese consciousness in this matter is not necessary. Each Chinese province takes its own steps to reduce fertility.

India: 1st country by growth for the world population

India firmly ranks second after China in terms of population. The United States, which closes the top three, lags behind India in terms of population by 1 billion.

Hindus are slightly smaller than the Chinese. Most of them live in rural areas, so India occupies a leading position in the world in terms of irrigated land. The share of agricultural products in the country’s foreign trade imports is 15%. Another important place in the country’s economy is animal husbandry.

The preponderance of the agricultural component in the economy of these countries affects the demography of the population since traditionally the family of rural residents survives due to a large number of working hands.

To date, the stabilization demographic policy of these states has begun to bear some fruit. But even the birth of 1 child in a family in a state with a population of almost 1.4 billion people entails a tangle of social contradictions.

In which direction will the curve of the number of mankind in the XXI century?

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