Best Working From Home Jobs You Can Find In 2021

Working From Home Jobs: Internet professions are developing very rapidly, which is facilitated by modern technology. If you can work from home, why not? This is not only convenient, because teleworking from home means flexible hours, but also safe, especially during a crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The options for remote work are endless. And, if you would like, but do not yet know who can work from home, we recommend reading today’s article. Here we’ve rounded up the Top 17 in-Demand Remote Professions. Go!

Best Internet Professions

Working from home remotely has many benefits, such as flexible scheduling and limitless opportunities to learn new things. Plus, it’s also beneficial because you don’t have to spend money on gas or commuting.

But there are disadvantages as well, such as misunderstandings, distraction and inability to concentrate, feelings of isolation, and loss of motivation.

Also, when choosing remote work, you need to be very careful, because there are many scammers on the Internet.

If you want to minimize risk as much as possible, find a work-life balance by staying on schedule and taking time out, stay in touch with colleagues, and communicate with them as you would in an office.

Lastly, before you apply, do a thorough research on the job to make sure it is legal.

Keep this in mind when choosing remote professions. Well, now our list of ideas for who you can work remotely.

1. Blogger / Partner Program Participant

Being a blogger is a great remote work option for those who enjoy sharing their thoughts online. The number of blog topics is limitless, so choose a niche to your liking.

Take Matt Kepnes , for example, whose wanderlust led to the creation of Nomadic Matt . It is one of the most successful travel blogs today, with an average of 79,704 visitors per day.


The best part is that you don’t need any special training or education to become a blogger. If you can write, then you can blog. The hardest part is getting your blog to the top of the search engines, but that can be achieved with the right marketing strategies, SEO and hard work.

The creative aspect and the ability to monetize is what makes blogging so enticing. A common method of making money from blogging is by renting ad space .

Most likely, you will earn a little at first. But your income can increase significantly as your audience grows. On average, a successful blogger can earn up to $ 32,934 per year, with an average hourly rate of $ 14.90 .

As the traffic to your site increases, you can diversify your income by joining affiliate programs .

With this form of cooperation, you get a commission from recommending useful products and services to your audience. Within an hour, a member of the affiliate program can earn an average of $ 69 (eng), and approximately $ 144,040 (eng) per year.

Not sure where to start? First, research affiliate products related to your interests and audience. To help you with your search, we have compiled the best affiliate programs that may interest you in one place, here is a list of them .

When choosing an affiliate program, consider the quality of the product, the size of the commission, and the reputation of the supplier. If possible, try the products yourself and then decide whether to recommend them to your readers or not.

Coco Lapine is a great example of a blog that uses its niche to sell affiliate products by hosting affiliate links for furniture and home accessories. Thus, users can immediately access the desired product.

Now that you know everything you need to know about the internet blogging and marketing affiliate profession, let’s go over the basic steps to become one of them.

How to Become a Blogger / Marketing Partner

  1. Pick a niche – make sure it is narrow enough to focus on a specific topic, but also has a sufficient number of potential readers. You can use this list for inspiration.
  2. Create a blog – get hosting , choose a domain , and create a website .
  3. Create Content – Explore topics you find interesting and start writing content.
  4. Drive Traffic – Use SEO Tactics To Grow Your Audience And Make More Money From Your Content .
  5. Join Affiliate Programs – Choose affiliate programs that suit your niche. Consider the quality of the product, the seller’s reputation, and the size of the commission.

2. Freelancer

Do you have skills to offer an employer? Become a freelancer and sell your services from the comfort of your home. A freelancer has the freedom to choose who to work for. The independence and flexibility of the schedule is what sets this type of remote work apart from others. 

You can offer your services on portals such as Jobzey, Upwork and Freelancer , or on other freelance sites listed here . There you will find numerous job listings from individuals and businesses looking for good performers. If you already have a main job, freelancing is a great way to make some extra money.


While fees vary from project to project, a freelancer can earn approximately $ 32 per hour. In terms of annual fees, the average is $ 67,076 .

Who can work remotely as a freelancer? The list of possible professions is almost limitless. You can sell writing, software development, translation, or graphic design services.

John Morris is an example of a successful freelancer. He is a developer who also offers courses on how to build a freelance career. For more tips on how to excel in your online profession, search for related courses on Udemy .

Do you want to become a freelancer? Here’s how you can do it.

How to Become a Freelancer

    1. Identify Your Best Skills – Find out where you excel and how you stand out from the crowd. Having confidence in your skills and knowing your strengths can help you convince potential employers.
    2. Build Your Portfolio Site – If you’re unsure how to create one, read this guide . Clearly indicate the services you offer, describe your achievements, add contacts, reviews, and the portfolio itself. If you are not versed in web development and website design, you can use website builders like Zyro .
  1. Create profiles on freelance platforms – upload your resume, add a few words about yourself and don’t forget to link to your portfolio site.
  2. Create templates for offers and contracts – this is more of a recommendation. Formalizing proposals can protect your rights and allow you to clearly articulate obligations.
  3. Find Clients – Start promoting yourself on social media, send cold leads to potential clients you find, whether on freelance platforms or in your existing contacts.

3. Online lessons

If you enjoy teaching, you can offer online lessons in subjects you are well versed in – be it math or cooking. Currently, you can give any kind of online lesson using programs such as Skype , Zoom or WizIQ .

An online tutor can earn up to $ 41,532 per year with an approximate rate of $ 20 per hour. Regardless of whether you are working full-time or part-time, it is still beneficial as it is an opportunity not only to teach, but also to learn yourself.

You don’t need a university degree to become an online teacher. However, some platforms require a diploma or certificate, especially if you plan to teach subjects in a school or university program.  

Teaching experience will also come in handy. Firstly, it will be easier for you to find an approach to students, and secondly, it will help you establish yourself as a specialist.

For more tips and resources on online learning, check out the Skillshare, Khan Academy Teachers’ Guide , or this list prepared by the California Department of Education to support distance learning during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Steps to Mastering the Internet Teacher Profession

  1. Pick a topic and take the time to learn all you can about it. Even if you are already an expert, you still need to narrow down the subject, and it never hurts to re-examine what you already know.
  2. Finding out more about your potential students will help you develop an actionable lesson plan that is both informative and interesting for your students.
  3. Join Learning Platforms – You can offer courses on sites like Udemy , Superprof , Skillshare, or Lynda . Or create your own e-learning platform and connect it to sites like Youtube .
  4. Promote Your Services – Use other channels like social media, blogs, and forums to promote your lessons. If you already have subscribers, create a newsletter subscription landing page so your audience knows what courses you offer.

4. Online coach

Online coaching is similar to blogging in the sense that you need platforms like a blog or Youtube channel to market your services. How is coaching different from the previous online profession of online teaching? The coach, or trainer, pays more attention to practical, individual training to develop practical skills.

And of course, it’s great remote work from home.

The trainer actively monitors the progress of his clients and adapts his program individually depending on their needs.

Alternatively, you can do fitness workouts or leadership training . You can also become a business coach and teach clients to better manage their business, or a personal coach who helps solve various professional and personal problems.

Online trainer earnings vary depending on the topic. But the average coach makes $ 28 per hour and $ 57463 per year.

For this online profession, as with some of the others on this list, you don’t need any special education. However, you must be an expert at something and have good interpersonal skills. How can you learn this? Courses and reading books on coaching will help.

How to Become an Online Coach

  1. Explore your niche – grow as a specialist, find resources for coaching. Get certification if possible.
  2. Create your website – buy a reliable hosting and create a business card website so that potential customers can clearly understand what you offer and how much your services cost.
  3. Use Learning Platforms and Apps – In addition to Teachable , where you can host your services, also use assistive tools such as NudgeCoach , Life Coach Office, or CoachAccountable .


5. Online consultant

Companies looking to increase their profits and operational efficiency often turn to online consultants.

Online consultants, as external independent experts, can get a fresh perspective on things. Therefore, they are expected to receive constructive criticism, objective assessment and new ideas. 

This is a highly demanded remote profession. Online consultants work in both the private and public sectors in highly skilled fields such as personal finance information technology medicine business , etc.

In addition to stimulating change in the work environment by providing independent opinions, online consultants may also be asked to teach new skills or help the team as an additional member.

There is no single formula to help you become the leading consultant in your industry. All you have to do is focus on the area where you are already working and developing.

It is not out of place to say that anyone can be an expert today, provided they are curious enough to learn and confident enough in what they know from their own experience.

A proven track record is an asset that every seasoned online consultant should have. This is why it’s important to know what’s going on in your industry. You have to keep a close eye on trends and draw informed conclusions.

In addition to the low administrative costs, since you can offer consulting services from the comfort of your home, you also save money on additional staff, since you usually handle most of the issues yourself.

The median annual salary for an online consultant in various fields is $ 77,368 . Naturally, in some sectors you can earn more, and in some less. The hourly rate can range from $ 11 (Eng) to 28 $ (Eng).

How to Become an Online Consultant

  1. Choose an area in which you excel and develop in it. Depending on your profession, you should probably have the appropriate certifications. Keep learning and stay on top of the latest developments in your industry.
  2. Define Your Target Market – Prepare a business and marketing plan to really understand who might need your services. Assess past achievements and consider if you are qualified enough to advise in a particular industry.
  3. Work to be organized – the consultant has to keep a close eye on the details, he has to be able to plan effectively and efficiently. The consultant must also be able to convey his point of view.
  4. Set short and long term goals – you must have a clear vision and understanding of what you want to achieve as a consultant. This way, you don’t waste time and every minute will be used to hone your skills.
  5. Have a wide range of ad networks – Promote your services, build a visible online presence with a professional website listing your accomplishments. Practice cold calling and reach out to happy customers for referrals. Trust us, information passed from one person to another works wonders.

6. Customer Service Representative

A customer service specialist is another popular option for working remotely and making good money at the same time. Their job is to answer customer questions, handle complaints and orders.

People who want to work in this field can find work at service management companies such as Liveops , Concentrix or Sykes .


This business model is in high demand as companies can save money by hiring talented contractors. You can also look for jobs on sites like Fiverr or FlexJobs .

A customer service professional should have the following skills – communication interpersonal and problem solving skills . They also need to be organized, attentive to detail, multitasking, resilient to stress and a rapidly changing environment.

Many employers also require you to have at least a high school diploma or work experience in similar positions. The average annual salary for a Customer Service Specialist is $ 35,409 . And they get paid roughly $ 17 per hour.

As for the required equipment, it depends on the position. Some companies require you to talk on the phone, while others require you to only communicate through chats. One thing’s for sure: you need a stable internet connection, a decent laptop, and a working pair of headphones.

Sounds intriguing? Read on to find out what steps you need to take in mastering this online profession.

How to Become a Client Relationship Specialist

  1. Practice a lot – work on the required qualities we mentioned earlier, especially your communication and interpersonal skills. EON , Communicaid, and Concord are training programs you can try. Or get started with this free Crash Course from
  2. Find Jobs – Apply for multiple open positions at different job sites to increase your chances of getting a job.

7. Programmer

Programmer is one of the highest paid professions that allows you to work remotely from home. The essence of the work is the development of computer software.

Programming is a fairly broad industry with many job opportunities including, but not limited to, web developers software developers data scientists, and other positions.

Therefore, if you want to become a programmer, you can choose the path of “jack of all trades” or a narrow specialist. It is best to start small and focus on one specialization. Then, as you become more experienced, you can expand your expertise.

Since there are many areas in programming, the salary can vary depending on the specialization. However, programmers can earn an average of $ 31 per hour and $ 65455 per year. By the way, programmers have the best chances of finding a job in the foreign market. But to the list of special skills of a programmer applying for such remote vacancies, one should add knowledge of the English language.

And of course, you should be familiar with a number of programming languages ​​such as Java , C ++ , Python,  PHP and others. In addition, you will have to master several programming tools such as frameworks , Linux commands , Git, and Notepad ++ .

Where to learn all this? Don’t worry, there are many online resources to help you get started. Here are some of the best resources we can recommend: Codecademy , Coursera, and GitHub .


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Try other platforms listed in this list .

How to Become a Programmer

  1. Decide on the direction – what specialty do you want to master? The answer to this question will determine your path to become a programmer.
  2. Learn programming languages . One way to do this is to get a formal education in computer science or information technology. Although it is not hard to find resources online for self-study at this time.
  3. Learn data structures and how they interact in an algorithm. Not all data structures work the same.
  4. Experiment – Explore different methods and create personal projects. The best way to understand programming is through practice. Not to mention, the expertise and the finished product will look good on your resume and portfolio.

8. Website Designer

Next on this list is web design. The internet profession is involved in the development of user-friendly (UX) and aesthetic (UI) website designs. Thus, web designers must have both technical and creative skills and be able to turn the client’s creative ideas into a fully functional product.

As a web designer, you should be able to use many design tools like Dreamweaver , Figma , Photoshop , FlowMapp, and more.

In addition, if you want to become a highly paid professional, you also need to master scripting languages ​​such as JavaScript , CSS  and HTML , as well as various website building platforms such as WordPress or Joomla .

It is equally important to know the basics of user interface design . This way you will be able to create really usable designs.

Other qualities a web designer must have are tight deadlines project management, and strong communication skills to be able to explain complex technical terms to clients.

You don’t need to have a formal education to become a professional designer. You can take online tutorials and read various literature on web design concepts.

The average web designer can earn $ 60,378 per year and the average hourly rate is $ 29 .

Steps to Mastering the Internet Web Designer Profession

  1. Learn Web Design Principles – Become familiar with design basics, UI / UX theory and various techniques.
  2. Create Your Business Card Site – Showcase your ability by creating your own website, present your achievements and services. For inspiration, visit platforms like Awwwards and Behance .
  3. Build your brand – Once you have a website with your work, start promoting your services to potential employers on social media and various freelance sites.

9. Graphic Designer

As the name suggests, graphic designers are people who create visual materials, whether as an advertising medium or artistic expression. And that niche is just overflowing with opportunities for teleworking from home. After all, the materials that are created by representatives of this Internet profession are completely digital.

Since design is a part of our daily lives, it’s no surprise that graphic designers are in demand in many companies. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for graphic design will grow by 3% by 2028 .

The average annual salary for a graphic designer is about $ 48,488 , and the approximate hourly pay is $ 23 .

To become a graphic designer, you must have creative skills and artistic ability , and understand the technical side of design . It’s also important to be sociable and multitasking.

If you think you are perfect for this online profession, you should master tools like Adobe Illustrator , Sketch, and others. Buy yourself a good drawing tablet and learn the basic elements of composition as well as color theory .


Take advantage of this blueprint to get you started in the self-study process and read graphic design books .

How to Become a Graphic Designer?

  1. Master the necessary skills – Learn art theory and digital composition. You can study this, both independently and at the university in art-related specialties.
  2. Explore – Experiment with a variety of digital and traditional art techniques and tools.
  3. Build your portfolio – start your own projects or offer graphic design services to your friends or family. And when you have enough work, post them on your site.
  4. Find Clients – Now that you have a portfolio and resume, you can start looking for jobs from freelance platforms. We recommend We Work Remotely and Remotely Awesome Jobs as platforms for finding good remote job offers.

10. Data Entry

Data entry is a general term that brings together many different professions: typing operator, transcriber, secretary, programmer, etc. All these professions have one thing in common – updating information in the database using data processing programs.

The data they have to work with may come in the form of audio recordings, documents, or digital files. Data entry workers must be attentive to detail, have a good command of the language, including foreign ones, and be able to work quickly.

One of the key qualifications in this work is the speed of typing , especially since payment can be made either hourly or by the number of characters typed. An average data entry worker has an annual salary of $ 41,659 , and an hourly wage can be as high as $ 20 .

However, keep in mind that teleworkers in this area tend to get less than office workers. However, consider this remote work option as an additional income from simple tasks.

What You Need To Work In Online Data Entry

  1. Eligible – have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Data entry workers must also be well versed in computers, written and spoken.
  2. Typing Fast – You should be typing 50 to 80 words per minute. However, some employers may have even higher requirements. Practice regularly with this test .
  3. Submit Resumes to Relevant Jobs – There are many companies that hire remote workers to recruit data. Some of the best are Capital Typing , Smart Crowd and Clickworker .

11. Social Media Manager

There are many businesses willing to pay good money to a person who will effectively manage their social media. This is exactly what the representative of this Internet profession does, and who can work remotely without any problems.

A social media community manager can make an average of $ 52,046 per year and $ 25 per hour.

The responsibilities of an SMM manager include developing a content plan scheduling and managing a publication schedule working on brand reputation , and maintaining user engagement on social networks.

The social media community manager is expected to be proactive, sociable, and able to effectively manage time. They also need to be good at marketing and be good at writing.

To the list of requirements, you also need to add proficiency in analytics tools, the ability to analyze and draw up effective marketing strategies based on data.

People looking for jobs in this field also need to stay up to date with the latest news and trends on the Internet, keeping their finger on the pulse so that their content and social media strategies can reach the right number of people at the right time.

How to master the Internet profession of an SMM manager

  1. Get the Qualifications You Need – To become a community or business page manager, you can get education in marketing journalism, or other related majors. However, this is not required and you can learn the skills you need outside of university. For example, take a course like this .
  2. Start applying for jobs. We recommend starting your searches with platforms such as and Dailyremote .

12. Translator

If you are fluent in more than one language, consider becoming a translator. This remote work from home is a great choice for those who love to read and can translate texts on various topics.

There is always a demand for competent translators, given that we live in a world where communication is becoming more and more accessible. As long as people will share information, representatives of this Internet profession will never be left out of work.

Translators can work as freelancers or for an agency. They are needed in all industries, both technical and creative.

Anyone can become a translator if they have a good command of a foreign language. However, knowledge of languages ​​is not the only qualification a translator should have. Members of this online profession need to understand the subject matter and also have a critical mind to research the topic if necessary.

Needless to say, translators also need to understand the specifics of the languages ​​they learn – from grammar and structure to knowing what words and expressions to use in certain contexts.

Fortunately, today you don’t have to go to a language school to learn a language. If you are a diligent and disciplined person, you can learn languages ​​on your own using different tools and programs such as FluentU , FutureLearn , Rosetta Stone and others. In addition, there are many books on linguistics, both online and offline.

Another important skill a translator should have is the ability to use translation software such as Wordfast , OmegaT, or SDL Trados Studio . However, please note that these tools only help translators work more efficiently, not replace them.

A translator can earn an average of $ 61,571 per year and $ 30 per hour. You can advertise your services on the freelance platforms we mentioned earlier, or join sites that bring together translators like Gengo , TheWordPoint, and Language Line .

How to Become a Translator

  1. Master at least two languages – learn the intricacies of the source and target languages. You can learn them on your own or at a university, language school, etc. The advantage of the second option is that you will receive a diploma / certificate and accreditation to prove your skills.
  2. Choose an industry – it makes sense that you cannot be an expert in all topics. Choose one direction and study terminology, concepts, read industry materials.
  3. Promote yourself – create a portfolio site, write industry notes on a blog, be active on social media, join freelance platforms.
  4. Keep learning – learn more languages ​​and read more.

13. Copywriter

Copywriting is a great remote work from home for those who love to write. In general, copywriting is used in the marketing of products or services, but in practice, things are a little more complicated.

The purpose of content writing is to inform readers in a specific area. Copywriters can work in different industries: information technology, entertainment, business, etc. 

Salaries vary by industry, but the average is $ 58,758 and the average hourly rate is $ 28 .

Content that is necessary to create a copywriter may include industry reports publications on social networks blog articles advertising copy , and so on. D. As long as there is to advertise and to whom to write, copywriter will never be without work.

Copywriting is another area that you can get into without formal education, with the help of hard work and accumulated knowledge in some area. However, it goes without saying that a beginner copywriter must know the language well, be able to write competently and interestingly.

You must know grammar , have a large vocabulary, and be willing to experiment with many styles and forms of writing. You won’t become a great writer overnight, so keep practicing.

It is also important to be inquisitive, as ignorance of the topic is not conducive to writing good writing. Finally develop your research skills and abilities. Always be critical of the information you are analyzing.

If you want to learn more about the art of copywriting, check out the resources created of The Club a Copywriter (English), Copyblogger (English) and Writtent (English).

Prefer online courses? We recommend copywriting lessons on Udemy and Skillshare .

How to Succeed in the Online Copywriting Profession

  1. Specialize in a specific niche – since copywriting is used in different industries, if you get a good understanding of one of them, the demand for your services will increase significantly. 
  2. Research your market – your writing needs to resonate with your audience. Learn to understand their problems and suggest possible solutions.
  3. Create quality content – turn your knowledge into valuable and useful content. Write a lot and always stay on top of trends to find trending topics.
  4. Build an Online Presence – Create a website detailing your services and portfolio. Explore different message boards, forums, and social media to find customers in your niche. Aside from freelancing sites, consider joining specialized copywriting platforms like Constant Content or iWriter .

14. Video editor

Video editors process the footage, prepare the final video product that would meet the requirements and vision of the team. In addition to technical skills and experience, video editors need to be very creative, patient, and detail-oriented.

If you want to enter this particular area, you are in luck, because it is in great demand. Video editing demand is projected to rise to 11% by 2028 .

What’s more, you can learn how to edit and edit videos yourself with video tutorials or online courses like Fade to Black .


While most employers value your experience and competence more, a formal education in filmmaking or other related fields will not be superfluous, especially if you plan to be involved in major television projects or advertising campaigns. 

Most video editors earn an average of $ 46,691 per year. Hourly rates vary depending on the size of the projects, with an average of $ 22 .

While post-production usually involves collaboration with other team members, all of this can be done remotely thanks to collaboration programs such as , Shotgun, and LookAt .

The freedom to work anywhere is not the only advantage of this internet profession. Video editors can also set their own price for a project, especially if they already have a developed portfolio.

If you are unsure how to rate your services, this detailed guide will help you . Alternatively, you can consult the relevant trade unions such as BECTU .

How to Build a Career in the Internet Video Editing Profession

  1. Check out the specifics – the best way to do this is to implement multiple projects of your own. Try experimenting with different editing tools, techniques, and formats.
  2. Take as many orders as possible – focus on the portfolio, it is clear that a beginner cannot apply for commercial projects, take part in contests, volunteer projects, etc.
  3. Get an education in video editing – optional, but rewarding. Related majors include filmmaking, filmmaking, cinematography, and others. Alternatively, you can go to vocational school and focus on creative media production.
  4. Get Certified – Take specialized training to improve your video editing skills and master the software. Many companies, such as Adobe and Sony Vegas , offer certifications for their products. Or get certified by official organizations like The Society of Broadcast Engineers .
  5. Build Your Network – Get more professional experiences by joining film producer communities, participating in non-profit video editing projects, or partnering with editing equipment brands.

15. Sound Engineer and Producer

If you’re closer to working with sound, consider becoming a sound engineer or producer. People working in this field edit and create sounds for videos and films, providing musical accompaniment. Their job is more technical than that of a musician, but they tend to work side by side.

Simply put, the sound engineers polish the raw files and turn them into something that suits the project’s requirements. This can mean both changing the audio and adding your own sounds.

People looking for jobs in this field need to be detail-orientedcreative, and passionate about sound design. They also need to be tech-savvy: a computer, recording equipment, and sound editing software such as Ableton .

While you can master the profession without the help of a specialized school, some training and certifications, especially in the basics of sound engineering, can help you gain a foothold in the industry.

There are also specialized online courses, such as this course from Coursera. Those looking for a remote sound engineer can also check out this workflow diagram for remote collaboration.

The average annual salary for a sound engineer is $ 50,322 , and the average hourly salary is $ 24 .

How to Become a Sound Engineer or Producer

  1. Learn – take a course in sound technology and get certified. Alternatively, earn a degree in audio production and sound design.
  2. Learn from the best – your success as a sound engineer depends on your creativity and artistic ability. Fortunately, you can learn this by watching the professionals do it and being inspired by their skills. To get started, listen to the work of the masters of their craft on this list .
  3. The web is the best way to get a job in this industry is to go around it. So, besides practice, join the community of sound engineers and make a name for yourself by participating in many projects.

16. Online assistant

An online assistant is a contract worker who provides remote assistance to companies. Their work spans a wide range of administrative and secretarial duties, including, but not limited to, bookkeeping, transcribing, report writing, meeting management, and sending emails.

Until now, you do not know who you can work remotely with, then we strongly recommend this option.

It is a very diverse specialty that can cover a wide range of tasks, including content writingsocial media managementcustomer service, and digital marketing.

However, if you’ve decided to look for an online assistant job, it’s best to focus on a specific niche. Take, for example, Rosa Bosma, who provides online help for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Generally speaking, if you’re tech-savvy, you’ve already mastered the basics. Knowledge in accounting, digital marketing, and graphic design will also come in handy.

On average, an online assistant can earn $ 29 per hour and $ 61,290 per year. A big plus of this internet profession is that it is in great demand due to its versatility.

OutsourceWorkers says hiring a remote assistant instead of an office assistant cuts costs from an annual budget by 78%. Firstly, the remote assistant is hired only when needed, and the payment is made hourly.

Therefore, if you are looking for promising remote work that you can do from home and still not depend on anyone, this is what you need.

How to Become an Online Assistant

  1. Choose a specialization – choose one niche, and also set a price for your services. To rate your work, this guide will help you .
  2. Launch Site – Build an online presence with a professional website detailing your services.
  3. Use other channels – promote your service on social networks and various freelance platforms.
  4. Network – Offer your services, build customer relationships, and connect with other freelancers across a variety of industries.

17. UX tester

If you are attentive to details and you are interested in UX (user experience) – the user experience when interacting with an application or website, you like analyzing the product from the point of view of usability (English) and looking for ways to improve it, then this job is for you.

UX testers make money by giving honest feedback on the performance of an app or website from their own experience. There are many platforms that offer this capability, such as UserTestingRespondent, and uTest.

Each test lasts about 20-60 minutes and is usually paid for by the project. The price depends on the site, but on average testers can earn anywhere from $ 2 to $ 100 per project.

You don’t need IT experience to become a UX tester. The essence of such testing is to get feedback from ordinary users. However, for your application to be approved, you must have a good command of written and spoken language (English if you want to receive salary in dollars), basic recording equipment (if necessary) and a stable Internet connection. Also, be prepared to be required to pass several verification tests.

While this job is not stable enough to be a major source of income, it is great for those looking to make some extra money.

What It Takes To Become A UX Tester

  1. Register on product testing sites – create profiles on the respective platforms. 
  2. Take Screening Tests – Before you can participate in the project, you will be tested to find out if you qualify. This can be either a quick survey or a full interview. 
  3. Complete a series of tasks – after going through the verification process, you will test the software or website, this will take from a few minutes to an hour. Evaluate ease of use, navigation, and product design.
  4. Leave Feedback – Your responses can be recorded in the form of written reports, video or audio recordings.

Working From Home Jobs

Internet professions have never been more in demand than they are now. Thanks to modern technologies, everyone can work remotely, while earning good money.

If you prefer a flexible schedule, but have self-discipline and can work productively from home, especially in quarantine conditions, then remote occupations are for you. 

Let us remind you once again who can work remotely.

  1. Blogger / Marketing Partner is a combination that allows you to share your interests and knowledge with the whole world, as well as get paid for promoting brands.
  2. Freelancer – as a freelancer, you can control your schedule, choose your own workplace and set the price for services. This is a great opportunity for those who value independence.
  3. Online Teacher – If you love teaching, start sharing your knowledge as an online teacher. This way, you can teach more students, regardless of their location.
  4. Online Coach – Develop people’s practical skills as their personal coach. And, most importantly, you can do all this without leaving your home.
  5. Online consultant . If you have experience in a particular field, you may consider this option. This is a profession that is quite in demand in various industries – from IT, personal finance to medicine.
  6. Account Specialist – Help clients from all over the world, wherever you are. This is a very flexible and well-paid job that does not require any special education. 
  7. A computer programmer is one of the most highly skilled and highly paid jobs you can do from home. This profession covers many narrow specialties and areas in which you can develop.
  8. Web designer is the direction of web development that deals with the external aspect of the site. A web designer must be creative and tech-savvy, capable of creating sites that are beautiful and functional at the same time.
  9. A graphic designer is a great opportunity for creative people. This is a highly sought after specialty given that visuals are everywhere, from the entertainment industry, product design to advertising.
  10. Data entry is a general term for professionals whose job is to enter information into a database. People interested in this position are expected to be meticulous and able to work quickly.
  11. A social media manager makes money by managing a company’s social media presence, ad campaigns and posting schedules.
  12. Translator. Do you speak a foreign language? Consider this option.
  13. Copywriter – Make money writing promotional materials or creating content for a company. It is flexible work with a lot of learning opportunities.
  14. video editor is responsible for editing and organizing the raw video into a coherent and polished product.
  15. The sound engineer / producer does the same thing as the video director, but with sound. Sound engineers manipulate sounds to create a specific ambience.
  16. Online Assistant – People in this online profession perform a wide range of secretarial duties and administrative tasks. This is a promising area with a wide range of responsibilities.
  17. UX Tester – Make money by testing websites and app for usability. This is a good option for additional income.

Which option would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!