Why do men lie to women? 101 Perfect Explanations

Why do men lie to women ? Why, in principle, do people lie to each other? And is it really terrible? How is “male lies” different from the “girlish little cunning” that many women’s trainings so diligently teach? What is so enticing to men for a sophisticated lie?

First of all, we should nevertheless understand the difference between male and female lies. The man is lyingas close to the truth (to what he personally considers to be the truth), and never heaps up unnecessary details. That is: he invented himself, believed in himself, and then we carry the composed idea to the masses as the ultimate truth.

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To all doubters – in the face. Not appreciated and giggling – even to prove is worthless, not to mention making excuses. A woman, on her own tiny lies, will pile up a bunch of unnecessary details, will get confused, doubt, get lost, fuss about them and, in the end, will draw a lot of attention to her untruth. Caught, of course, recognized, repents and will continue to complicate his life. The man by this time is already confident in his own rightness, and that “everything is just that.”

Why does a man lie to a woman, what does it give?

These same women. We are all familiar with the very convenient idea of ​​polygamy, the need to leave a maximum of offspring, etc. Perhaps nature meant an honest fight between a male and a male, so that the strongest survived? And gave the corresponding offspring? What for? People came up with the glorious word “I love” (who invented, we won’t specify, but, mind you, it’s customary for a man to explain …). 

Women filled these five letters with a high content: caring, loyalty, etc., believed and agreed to everything. And that’s all, the fight of males is over, and polygamy has not been canceled yet. Can you imagine how Don Quixote looked and thought? One battle with the mill will make any psychiatrist think. Can you imagine how healthy the offspring he gave? Exactly. But how to persuade!

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Sensation of a being of a higher order. It’s nice, damn it, to understand that you are the smartest, most successful, almost accomplished, achieved a lot, achieved everything. And further down the list. This is not the time and some difficulties. And what were the achievements! It’s a pity that you, dear, weren’t around then. You would have seen everything (an added bonus is that the “darling” can’t check anything, believes in the word, supports, sympathizes, erases, removes, pours and further, according to the list).

Household amenities. 

Let’s proceed from the fact that it is a woman who can give a man her dreams. Since childhood. A good grandmother can be deceived and appeased and taken off with the boys for fishing: she herself will compose something for an angry father. Sometimes you think about mothers with a shudder: they believe everything without exception, doubt and the slightest sign of criticality. 

It is simply impossible not to lie to them! It’s inappropriate to tell the truth: if mom gets a heart attack from the terrible news that her twenty-five-year-old son was seduced (of course!) By a graduate neighbor, there will be no one to cook dinner. Wives and lovers are a separate category that deserves a special discussion.

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Faithful wife. As we have said, women are not competent to lie. They have been trying, of course, for many centuries. But stupidly and not particularly talented, while earning the reputation of being false and hopelessly corrupted. Yes, read the sayings of the Church Fathers! These definitely do not lie, neither women nor men, they say what they think. So, our incapable of anything more than tortured good manners and makeup (by the way, also a little lie!),

Why do men lie to women?

The girl gets into the tenacious paws of a guy who says everything from point 2. His mother with heart drops believes that our girl is the heroine of point 3, and his grandmother at that time twists his angry father (the only one who distinguishes the truth!). And at this moment, the guy pronounces the version of the text from paragraph No. 1 (actually, he just wanted sex, but since it’s so customary …)! The moment is historical wanted a man? He continues to lie, he is solid, he is a family man. And no one has canceled the theory of polygamy!

Of course, these are not all the reasons why men lie to women. As the great Disraeli said: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, heinous lies, and statistics.” Statistics, by the way, show that the favorite types of male lies are:

  • hide sympathy for another woman – 51%;
  • downplay the amount of “taken to the chest”;
  • 26%; – hide treason;
  • 21% (sympathy, apparently, a more terrible sin!);
  • every sixth likes to exaggerate the purchase price, and he, apparently, prefers to leave his chosen one in tension and loneliness, informing her of his complex and important matters, before setting off to have fun.

And you still do not understand why a man is lying to a woman ?!

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