Which country produces the most: Top 10

Which country produces the most. Another infographic for curious but lazy investors.

In our community more than once there have been comments that disputed the size of the economies of the countries of the world, who owns the championship, etc. Actually, the answer depends on how you measure.

Which country produces the most

📊 The main measure recognized by all countries and international organizations is the volume of GDP – gross domestic product, or all goods and services produced in the state for the year. This has already been sufficiently written on the blog. Another dimension is the size of assets traded on exchanges and held by the population of a country. This indicator characterizes the volume of the stock market.

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🕵️‍♂️ This time I propose to look at the ratio of the economies of the world in terms of production capacity. This method does not measure the entire volume of GDP. The service sector, the financial sector, and the production of intellectual property in developed countries today are the locomotive of the economy and the basis of well-being of the population. 

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The attached map shows only what is produced in the form of goods consumed domestically and exported. And here the leaderboard looks different. He is not surprised, considering whose products we are used to seeing, for example, in electronics stores and car dealerships.

1. China – $ 4 trillion (28.37% of world production)

2. USA – $ 2.3 trillion (16.65%)

3. Japan – $ 1 trillion (7.23%)

4. Germany – $ 806 billion (5.78%)

5. South Korea – $ 459 billion (3.29%)

🔎 Spoiler: You will find Russia in the upper right part of the map, it is assigned to the Asian continent here.