What is stress? Definition and classification: Ultimate Guide

What is stress? In human resources management, stress is defined as a state of mental and emotional pressure or tension caused by problems or adverse circumstances. A person’s feelings and behavior are controlled by an external force.

It is a person’s response to external environmental factors (stimuli called stressors) and the consequences of such a reaction. Stress can be caused by undue or undue pressure on employees, which can be destructive.

Stress arises from the discrepancy between the demands of the situation and the ability of the worker to meet those demands. In essence, it is an imbalance between the perceived state and the desired state. This imbalance leads to psychological, physiological and behavioral deviations. Stress is an integral part of working life.
What is stress? Stress classification

Eustress: This term refers to positive stress when a situation offers an individual the opportunity to receive something. This type of stress is considered to be motivating, encouraging people to cope with challenges, and without which a person does not have the spark needed to increase their level of productivity.
Distress: This type of stress refers to negative stress when a person feels apprehensive or inadequate due to helplessness and frustration. Distress can cause diseases of the heart and blood vessels, lead to alcoholism, adultery, drug abuse, and more.