Volunteer COVID-19 response team looking for Reactjs/Meteor devs to help launch our platform.

Volunteer COVID-19 response team looking for Reactjs/Meteor devs to help launch our platform.

Its currently set up to help local around the world people offer support to those who are homeless nearby, creating a stronger social safety net.

More: https://t.me/goodworkhere

Volunteer COVID-19

We’re adding the ability for people who can’t leave the house because they are vulnerable or high risk (or their tech savvy friends/family), to post their address and shopping lists of food and items they need – so healthy people living nearby can pick it up as they shop and drop it at their door. Along with advice on avoiding infection risks while doing this.

We’ve been hard at work on the app and resolving some backend issues and now just have tasks left before launch, but no React/Meteor devs active on them.

Here’s the tasks:
1. Add this code:


so users receive notifications. The code author is part of our team and happy to support he doesn’t like to get his hands into Reactjs personally though.

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2. Make a copy of the current form and a link to it, which i’ll put in a pop up to explain to users how the map works (as it’s not complete yet from a UX point of view and needs that explanation.

We’re very happy to include credits and add people to our team page if you’d like to join us there. We’re hoping to be able to get this out and helping in the next day or two.

Everyone is also very welcome to join the team and with continuing to improve the build:


We rushed forwards a bit to get it functional for Covid-19, there’s a lot of space for ongoing improvements after these two tasks are complete.

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