Best Vegetarian Diet Plan For 7 Days: 5 Detailed Menus

Vegetarian Diet Plan: Summer is very soon, and this means that it is time to actively engage in your figure so that you can, do not be shy and put on a short light dress or shorts. We know how to get rid of a decent amount of extra pounds in just 1 week. To do this, try one very unusual diet called “vegetarian.”

What do we know about vegetarianism? Such a food system does not provide for the consumption of meat and animal products. It turns out that vegetarianism is divided into 3 types: veganism (the exclusion of meat products and food of animal origin), lacto-vegetarianism (refusal of meat and eggs, dairy products are allowed), vegetarianism (you can eat eggs and dairy products, only meat is forbidden).

This vegetarian diet is based on the principles of vegetarianism. Adhering to such a nutrition system is absolutely uncomplicated, as the menu developed by nutritionists pleases with a variety of boring dishes.

Vegetarian Diet Plan: Sample vegetarian diet menu

Monday menu

Breakfast: green tea, a salad of 1 egg, 100 g of Adyghe cheese and 3 salad leaves, parsley, and vegetable oil.
Lunch: the first dish is a green soup of the fourth part of a head of cabbage, 100 g of green peas, parsley, green onion, and 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil. Boil all the ingredients in salted water, then, draining a little water, grind the soup in a blender.
The second dish is buckwheat, take 100 g of buckwheat, pour boiling water, and let it stand under the lid for 2 hours. Prepare a salad of fresh vegetables and complete the meal with dried fruit compote.
Dinner: vegetable stew from 1 eggplant, 1 potato tuber, 1 carrot, and 1 tomato.

Vegetarian diet 1
Vegetarian diet

Tuesday Menu

Breakfast: using a blender, mix 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese and 50 ml of low-fat kefir, add pieces of your favorite fruit to the resulting mass.
Lunch: first course – cook okroshka. The second dish is stewed potatoes with mushrooms and apple compote.
Snack: cherry jelly.
Dinner: rice porridge and herbal tea.

Wednesday menu

Breakfast: vinaigrette .
Lunch: the first dish is tomato soup, boil 4 tomatoes and 2 potato tubers, drain a little water and grind the soup in a blender.

The second dish is squash pancakes.
Snack: assorted nuts.
Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese with raisins.

Thursday menu

Breakfast: natural yogurt with fruits.
Lunch: soup of oatmeal and ghee, a salad of fresh cabbage and carrots.
Snack: 1 stack. fat-free kefir with 1 tbsp. l honey.
Dinner: buckwheat porridge with honey, raisins, and prunes.

Friday menu

Breakfast: a salad of fresh vegetables and beans, herbal tea.
Lunch: cabbage broth and vegetable risotto with tomato juice.
Snack: 1 stack. nonfat milk with biscuit cookies.
Dinner: baked apple with honey.

Saturday menu

Breakfast: boiled oatmeal with candied fruit.
Lunch: bell peppers stuffed with carrots and onions and dried fruit compote.
Snack: nuts with honey.
Dinner: cottage cheese casserole with berry jam.

Sunday menu

Breakfast: vegetable salad with asparagus.
Lunch: borsch, bean stew with mushrooms, and natural apple juice.
Snack: any berries.
Dinner: boiled rice with dried apricots and raisins.

If you eat on such a menu for 7 days, you can get rid of 4-7 kg. Do not forget to drink enough water and exercise. If you do not have the opportunity to attend the gym, try to spend free time actively. Be healthy and slim! Share this interesting weight loss technique with your friends.

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