The smartest nation in the world: Countries with the highest IQ

The smartest nation: Humanity throughout its history has shown a stable development of mental abilities. Man always something to invent (the wheel to the iPod, from the digging stick to 3D printing), displaying nedyuzhy ingenuity, logic and ingenuity. Simply put – intelligence.

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The IQ, as we know, all people different. At the same time, there is also a national coefficient of intelligence, which greatly affects the economic growth of the state. Perhaps the superiority of most countries and depends on the level of the national IQ.

The smartest nation: People’s mind

Of course, current IQ tests are a rather limited way to measure global intelligence or even cognition. It is necessary to take into account the accessibility of education in the region, heredity and many other factors.

Nevertheless, if we take the average IQ in countries as a basis, then the ranking will be as follows. Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, China, Japan, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Germany have a high average – from 101 to 106 points. 

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A sufficiently high level (from 92 to 100) is observed in Russia, the USA, Canada, all European countries, as well as Malaysia, Thailand, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. Countries in Asia, Africa, South and Central America can boast an average national IQ of 91 or lower.

At the same time, most African countries are beyond 72 points, and Ethiopia and Equatorial Guinea have the lowest rates (66). Given the level of development of these countries and the education system in particular, there is nothing surprising.

Racial discrimination

Such a large-scale study was conducted by distinguished professors Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen. They were immediately accused of scientific racism. I think this is quite obvious since it turned out that the entire Southern Hemisphere is inhabited, to put it mildly, by stupid people.

Scientists also suggested that countries with a high average IQ should subordinate or eliminate groups with low IQ in order to maintain their dominance. Given that in most states IQ is increasing by 3 points every ten years, many have zero chances.

One of the main reasons for the difference in national intelligence is human action during cooling. Simply put, the colder the more people think, plan, act and create.

Do you observe a difference in mental abilities at the national level? Write in the comments.