The most educated countries in the world for 2020 [MAP]

The most educated countries. This rating is based on data taken from the project’s official website. Human Development Reports under the auspices of the UN. The main purpose of its implementation is to determine the level of social development of a state.

Earlier, I already cited statistics from another study, which in turn determines the level of contribution of a state to the development of science on a global scale.

Within the framework of this project, the Education Level Index in the World Countries (Education Index) was created. This indicator is primarily based on the Human Development Index (Human Development Index) calculated as the literacy index of the population older than 18 years and the proportion of pupils receiving education.

The Index itself is measured by the following criteria:

1) Adult Literacy Index (Has a weight of about 70% of 100%)

2) The index of the total share of students receiving primary, secondary and higher education (It has a weight of about 30% of 100%)

According to the first indicator, the data are taken from the results of surveys of the adult population of a country and are adjusted with the results obtained by calculations carried out by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. For some developed countries, where the question of literacy in questionnaires is no longer raised, a literacy rate of 99% is set.

According to the second indicator, data on the number of students at all levels of educational institutions are taken by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics on the basis of reports provided by relevant government agencies of the world.

The two indicated indicators of the level of education are summarized in the final Index, which is set as a value from 0 to 1, where 0 is the minimum value and 1 is the maximum value.

It is generally accepted that developed countries should have a minimum rate of 0.8, although many of them have a score of 0.9 or higher.

When determining the place in the world ranking, all countries are distributed on the basis of the Education Level Index, where the first place corresponds to the highest value of this indicator and the last to the lowest.

In total, 189 countries from around the world took part in this rating. The most educated country is in 1st place and the most uneducated in 189th.

Let’s look at these countries.

Top 10 most educated countries in the world for 2020.

10) Sweden – 0.914 points.

9) Finland – 0.915 points.

8) Great Britain – 0.916 points.

7) Ireland – 0.917 points.

6) Iceland – 0.918 points.

5) Norway – 0.919 points.

4) Denmark – 0.920 points.

3) New Zealand – 0.922 points.

2) Australia – 0.923 points.

1) Germany – 0.946 points.

Top 10 most uneducated countries in the world for 2020.

10) Yemen – 0.347 points.

9) Guinea – 0.340 points.

8) Sudan – 0.916 points.

7) Ethiopia – 0.339 points.

6) Djibouti – 0.313 points.

5) South Sudan – 0.301 points.

4) Burkina Faso – 0.300 points.

3) Mali – 0.290 points.

2) Chad – 0.280 points.

1) Niger – 0.246 points.

And what place does Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia occupy?

The most educated countries Do not forget that 189 countries took part in the research.

Azerbaijan occupies 87th place, with an indicator of 0.694 and is inferior to Panama, Macedonia, and Venezuela.

Kazakhstan occupies – 38th place, with an indicator of 0.817 and is inferior to Malta, Spain, and Slovakia.

Belarus takes – 30th place, with an indicator of 0.837 and inferior to Argentina, Palau, and Japan.

Armenia ranks 56th, with a score of 0.759, and inferior to Romania, Fiji, and Toga.

Ukraine takes 46th place, with an indicator of 0.797 and is inferior to Montenegro, Luxembourg, and Bulgaria.

Russia takes – 33rd place, with an indicator of 0.832 and inferior to Greece, Singapore and Turkey.

For comparison:

The USA takes 12th place out of 189 with an indicator of 0.899.

China is 110 out of 189 with an indicator of 0.649.

Data based on research from the project’s official website Human Development Reports under the auspices of the UN. For those who want to get acquainted with the full list of countries or if you are from another country and you are interested in finding your own, here link to the full report.