The distinction between Goals and Values

Goals and Values

You might find interesting to know that everyone in this world is administered by values.

Our values and beliefs are reflected through the decisions we make to lead our lives effectively. We adopt certain values from our family, sometimes society or at times we just have them within us.

Positive values can be adopted at any pace of life, make sure the value to pursue has a positive, strong and integral effect on your life. Since you move within a society it’s necessary to espouse such values that meet the demands of society.

Prior to any other discussion, you need to know the difference between values and goals.  Values are not goals; however, they are inter-related with goals and are highly dependant on them. Goals reflect targets whereas positive values form the base of a successful life.

You need some basis to lead your life, some beliefs, and deeds that drive and support the purpose of your decisions. Effective values always influence your decisions positively and help you choose the right path to success.

While dealing with our clients, we make sure he is aware of the effectiveness of positive values and is highly articulated with them. Jotting down the values is a good way to preserve them in our lives.

Thinking for ways to kill your time in bright sunny days, writing about right and wrong decisions you have made in your past, considering the aspects of excitement and motivation in your life or pondering about the actions that may add stability provides you edges to realize what actuality values possess in your life.

Moreover, you will be clear to differentiate between positive and negative values that influence your life.

You further need to know that your jotting of values should be in present tense rather in past, for instance, write “I am stable financially” more willingly than “I will be stable financially”.

All you need is to classify your values and jot them according to your priority. While writing I am stable financially, you can add other values like “I pay my liabilities on time, at the end of the month, I am able to save some amount and I review my insurance regularly”

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You can state your values to the areas of family, friends, community, morals, education, career, health, finances and recreation. Jotting your values and further classifying them might take time but once you are through this course, you will surely be clear about what your values are and how they influence your actions.

Don’t hesitate in giving time to identify your values since they are the basis on which you set up your goals. You become clear on what values have influenced your life positively and negatively as well.

At times when you are in a state of making a lifetime decision you definitely need a clear vision of your potentials. You already have your values there in your mind but writing them down on a piece of paper will surely help you classify them and set your priorities accordingly.