Ruby On Rails backend developer for higher education West Arete /Remote.

We’re improving the workflow to a relatively high-traffic Ruby on Rails application that we originally developed with our client. This app provides the online learning modules that support the mandatory certification for anyone that works professionally in childcare or K-12 teaching in the United States.
The data behind the app also serves as a basis for research into the effectiveness of the modules and techniques that are taught. So your work will have significant impact and purpose behind it.

Ruby On Rails backend developer for higher education West Arete /Remote.


This initial budget represents a way for us to each evaluate the working relationship. There are more phases and projects to follow if things go well.

The application has been developed entirely with test-driven development, so it’s important to us that you’re well-practiced in this discipline and are able to maintain the style and extent of test coverage that’s been established so far. We have a good continuous integration pipeline with staged deployment.

There are some complexities with the infrastructure. The application shares a MySQL database with a legacy FileMaker administrative back end maintained by our client. It requires some amount of care and anticipation to ensure that the two applications don’t step on each others’ toes. You don’t need to work directly with FileMaker (and neither do we), but you need to be comfortable with this level of complexity and integration.

The application is deployed to an onsite data center at the university. You’ll be deploying via a VPN, and we’ll work with you to acquire an access account at the university.

Ruby On Rails backend developer for higher education West Arete /Remote.

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We’ll provide the rest of the support. We have an expert project manager, account manager, and devops engineer to support the project. It’s unlikely that you’ll need to interface directly with the client.

In order to decide if we’re a match for each other, we’ll expect to see a sample of similarly complex back-end Ruby on Rails code that you’ve written by yourself. We can review this application’s code with you via screen share to get your perspective and so that you can familiarize yourself with the task at hand (although we can’t give you direct access to the repo during the interview/proposal process). And finally, we’ll want to do a pair programming session with you on the application code itself to make sure you’re able to get some early traction with it, and to make sure our styles and measure of quality are a good match. #Ruby On Rails backend developer

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The entire contract will be fully remote. We have some amount of flexibility on terms.


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