Commercial Project Management at Coventry University, UK

Country: UK
City: Coventry

Project Management at Coventry University, UK. Details


Coventry University is looking for highly qualified, experience and creative Commercial Project Manager.

 Job Description

The new recruit Commercial Project Manager will be responsible for affluent execution and implementation of large commercial projects within CU Services Ltd and the Coventry University Group. An incumbent will have successfully carry out the following operations and functions

  • Prepares and maintains realistic project plans, tracking all project activities against plans and
    providing regular and accurate progress reports to senior management, project team and
    clients as appropriate.
  • Identifies, highlights and manages risks to the success of the project including taking
    corrective action for problems.
  • Monitors costs, timescales, and resources utilized, taking appropriate action where these
    deviate from agreed tolerances.
  • Monitors the financial resources allocated to the project, ensuring that all purchasing and
    financial matters are carried out to regulations, guidelines, and budget.
  • Effectively communicates with key stakeholders to ensure that they are kept informed of
    project progress and their expectations are being managed.
  • Develops and maintains such recordkeeping systems as are necessary to track project
    progress against objectives.
  • Monitors progress and keep the project team on track for project milestones by highlighting
    upcoming actions.
  •  Lead regular update meetings with the client and project team
  • Undertake such other duties commensurate with the level of the post and as may be
    required from time to time by your line manager in order to maintain efficient and effective
  • Procurement of goods/products needed for the project with prudent attention to the budget
    and market value.
  • Overseeing the project, in terms of daily activities of preparing equipment to meet customer needs

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree with a specialization in Project Management or bachelor’s degree with equivalent work experience.
  • advanced computer skills and also, able to use MS Project, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and MS Word.
  • some years of experience in a managerial role preferably in task-oriented team management.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills and also, superb client handling abilities.
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making. #Project Management at Coventry University, UK.

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Type of OpportunityAcademic Job
Company NameCoventry University

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