Private Jet Flight Attendant – Singapore Best Jobs 101

Private Jet Flight Attendant. Permanent role, no rotation, average 15 days a month

Based in Singapore and traveling throughout internationally, you will provide prompt and attentive in-flight service to VIP passengers and pilots, while ensuring the safety and security of all passengers. Your responsibilities extend to pre-flight and post-flight logistics and coordination, beyond the attributes of commercial flight attendant duties.

Private Jet Flight Attendant. Duties and responsibilities:

  • Respond to the passengers’ in-flight needs including serving of food and beverages
  • Maintain adequate supplies of food and beverages, magazines, toiletries and emergency equipment on board.
  • Proactively make recommendations regarding food and drink selections according to passengers’ preferences and requests.
  • Monitor regularly that the passenger and crew areas are clean and organized
  • Ensure that all passengers adhere to the safety standards and demonstrate the use of safety and emergency equipment
  • Make announcements as directed and needed for the passengers
  • Direct passengers and cabin crew in case of an emergency. Coordinate first aid efforts, when needed.

Private Jet Flight Attendant. Requirements

  • Demonstrated 10++ years of in-flight cabin service with top airlines
  • Candidates with no private jet experience are welcome to apply
  • Detail-oriented, anticipatory thinking, problem-solving skills, and flexibility with high integrity
  • Strong customer-focused to ensure the well-being of passengers are taken care of with outstanding service level
  • Fluency in the Chinese language is mandatory as you will be required to communicate with Mandarin-speaking ground staff
  • Adaptable to flexible schedule/s, either permanent or rotational