10 Tips How To Effectively Conduct An Online Interview

Online Interview: 10 key tips for organizing remote interviews.

Life changes and accelerates, so the value of time is constantly increasing. Technologies come into our lives and change it for the better. We are spending less time paying utility bills, buying plane tickets, booking hotels, and booking theater tickets. Now we are more careful with our time and optimize our business processes.

10 Tips How To Effectively Conduct An Online Interview

The candidates also began to be more sensitive to their time. Indeed, very often they do not get to interviews precisely because they are afraid to waste their time on an uninteresting proposal. For the same reason, remote interviewing technologies that allow for primary screening are becoming more and more popular with HR-s. And the ability to organize and conduct an online interview is now a very important skill for an HR manager.

Online Interview: In this article, you will find:

1. Start with methodical and organizational preparation

Decide on the goals and objectives of the Skype interview, with the target groups of employees, who this method is suitable for, and who is not. Remember that not all employees should be required to be fluent in modern technical communication tools.

Think over the whole process and all possible participants. For example, it can be heads of structural divisions, supervisors, and team leaders. Write down instructions for all interviewees (both candidates and colleagues). Be sure to think over the form of recording the results.

2. Prepare yourself technically

Online Interview:

Invest in good equipment. You need a webcam and a headset (headphones and microphone). Create a corporate account, write down the password. This will allow different employees to use the same account. Don’t interview from a personal account, keep your boundaries. Check the technique beforehand. Practice working with the program. Explore its additional features. Have a technical support phone handy.

3. Decide on a place where you will interview

The room should be sufficiently bright and quiet. Try not to see or hear anything unnecessary for the candidate. Create the desired surroundings, for example, place corporate symbols in the frame. The candidate must ensure that you are a reliable company and that you can be trusted.

4. Don’t forget to clean yourself up

You are the face of the company. Choose a good tilt of the camera, see that the makeup is bright, but not vulgar. If you do not have enough experience of communication on Skype, then practice with friends.

5. Make an interview plan

Online Interview: Remember about the main steps: establishing contact, orientation, resume interviews, competency interviews, job sales, answering the candidate’s questions, discussing the next steps. The main slogan: “Everything is like in life.” Control the process, lead the candidate along.

6. Prepare your presentation

Skype allows you to share videos, photos, and presentations. Prepare all presentation materials about the company in advance. You have a great chance to make a lasting impression and create a positive company image for the candidate. Remember, we are all fighting for talent.

7. Prepare documents that can be sent to the candidate

Online Interview: These can be test assignments and cases, if necessary.

8. Observe non-verbal cues

Remember it won’t get better. If a person demonstrates any behavior during the interview, then this is the maximum that he is capable of. Pay attention to the candidate’s non-verbal: how he keeps eye contact, how he responds to difficult questions. As with face-to-face interviews, people can lie. If something alarmed you, ask clarifying questions.

9. Be prepared for the unexpected

The technique can always fail, so keep Plan B in stock. For example, conduct an initial telephone interview. If a failure occurs, you need to analyze the cause and eliminate it. A one-time failure is not yet a reason to abandon such a convenient tool.

10. Look for new formats

Technologies do not stand still, and now there are many new ways of communication: instant messengers, social networks. Learn new things and keep your finger on the pulse!

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