Myers Brigg Personality Types: How 8 Types Get Older?

Myers Brigg Personality Types: Accentuation is a vivid expression of personality traits. Accentuation of character is considered as an extreme version of the norm. How does the aging of representatives of different types of accentuation occur?

Myers Brigg Personality Types


Many representatives of this type continue to move up the career ladder or other core business until old age. In other cases, they delegate their duties to a circle of proxies, and they themselves occupy an observant and leadership position. With age, high performance may be lost, but they intend to abandon their ideas and productivity. In family life, they become softer, but still, they never give up the desire to influence loved ones and give them directions.


Often, when they are old, they are immersed in learning and strive to find a theoretical basis that will allow them to manage all the processes in which they are involved and to start something new. Often come to the need to share their knowledge with others and share their experience. Often with age they show an increasing tendency to various spiritual practices. Most often they gain the status of sages and the best advisers in the family and among friends. Remain aware of the trends of the world and do not lose sight of the changing time.


This type of personality, with age, lets go of the desire to always be in the spotlight, occasionally, nevertheless, it needs the ability to drag the blanket over at least family relationships, which often creates them a reputation as a scandalous family member. They tend to actively and emotionally engage in the affairs of loved ones and seek to impose their point of view. They become very stubborn and impenetrable in their beliefs, demand respect and obedience to themselves.


People of this type most often maintain excellent health and fitness until they are very old. Active in work and throughout life do not sit idly by. The family maintains discipline, monitors the affairs of loved ones, insists on following the order they have established, and changing their point of view is impossible. At the same time, they remain inclined to defend their opinions to the last and not give in to anyone.


With age, representatives of this type prefer to leave active professional activity and engage in themselves and their family. They delve into the affairs of their loved ones, show sympathy and complicity. Nevertheless, they try to avoid the need to take responsibility and make decisions, fully trusting loved ones. They clearly adhere to their favorite daily rituals and are stable in beliefs and behavior.


They also maintain excellent health and activity until old age. Often at an advanced age, retire and prefer to engage in their hobbies and travel. Vigorous mood and energy in adulthood allow them to positively influence family members, harmonize and rally loved ones. They love to spend time with their grandchildren, and children, in turn, adore them.


Lose flexibility and are characterized by reduced daily activity. They become quite grouchy in old age and constantly complain about their health. Their health is really lame, mainly for psychosomatic reasons, but they tend to exaggerate existing problems. They tend to constantly criticize others; it is not easy for children and grandchildren to be with them.


The fear of the unknown in old age is manifested in the rejection of everything new and the disapproval of the decision of family members. To the last they try to avoid any changes, preferring a quiet and predictable course of life. Relatives often have to listen to reproaches of indifference to them, even if this is not so. They like to spend time at home, but do not like to be alone. It’s still very easy to hurt their feelings, so family members find it very difficult to find them, they can rarely be found in a good mood.

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