10 Countries With More Immigrants Than Locals: Best Guide

More Immigrants Than Locals; The movement of the tribes of Western Eurasia, which took place in the Middle Ages, is called the “great migration of peoples.” It was a truly grandiose phenomenon of its era. But spread over several centuries, it fades in comparison with the events of the new era when the conditions of globalization allow tens of millions of people to move annually from country to country. Although, the reasons for the change of habitat in humans remain, in general, the same.

Where to go

Of course, the largest influx of international migrants, for obvious reasons, falls on the rich countries of the Western world and this is clearly visible on the map.

The share of migrants in the population according to the UN, 2017

The United States is the leader in the absolute number of foreigners accepted – as of 2017, there are almost 50 million or 15.4% of the population. But this number is already not enough to compete for the title of “country of migrants.” In relative numbers, in other countries of the Anglo-Sphere, there are now more people born abroad: Australia ~ 28%, Canada ~ 21.7%, New Zealand ~ 22.3%.

But the place where migrants really crowded the locals can be called the UAE. 85% of the population of this country come in large numbers. Of course, in this case, we are talking only about numerical superiority. Migrants in the emirates, in fact, are only personnel serving local Arabs, without any opportunity to obtain citizenship and privileges.

A similar situation is observed in the UAE’s neighbors in the BV and the Persian Gulf. The countries most saturated with international migrants are located here: 

More Immigrants Than Locals

Kuwait ~ 68% of foreigners among residents, 
Qatar ~ 65% 
Bahrain ~ 54% 
Oman ~ 48% 
Lebanon ~ 43% 
Saudi Arabia ~ 37% 
Jordan ~ 33% 

In Europe by the share of foreigners among residents (by 2017) the leaders:

Switzerland ~ 29.7% 
Austria ~ 18.8% 
Sweden ~ 17.8% 
Ireland ~ 17% 

The number of immigrants in Russia is about 8%. These are mainly people from the fragments of the Soviet Union. It is worth considering that due to lack of control, this figure may not be true.

Where are they coming from

Mostly, these are not the most prosperous countries in the past or present.

The number of people living outside the country of birth in 2017, million people:

India – 16.59 
Mexico – 12.96 
Russia – 10.64
China – 9.96 
Bangladesh – 7.5 
Syria – 6.86 
Pakistan – 5.98 
Ukraine – 5.94 
Philippines – 5.68 
United Kingdom – 4.92