This Rare Map Of European Countries Shows Who Works From Home

Map of European Countries. In which countries do they most often work from home?

Monday morning, you probably at work, yawn and remember nostalgia for the weekend? And 13.3% of Finns and 14% of the inhabitants of the Netherlands usually work from home!

Quite a lot of people who have the opportunity to work from home, and in Scandinavia, and in France, in Ireland and even in Portugal!

Map of European Countries

And where are the least? Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus – with the exception of Cyprus, all countries are not very rich. Yes, and the wealth of Cyprus – rather because of its offshore status, and not from that. that there really is some kind of fantastically developed economy.

What is also interesting: according to Eurostat, young people work from home much less often (1.8%) than middle-aged people (such 5%). Although it would seem, it should be the other way around: young progressive, work on the Internet …