Manager/Digital Advertising – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirats

Manager/Digital Advertising – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirats. Responsible to support in identifying the future revenue streams from the adjacent markets of: Digital Advertising, Digital Content, and Carrier Billing.

Principal Functions (Major Areas of Responsibility):


Learning Coordinator: Dubai,United Arab Emirates. 

Responsible to manage a portfolio of products, services, and assets for Etisalat in the 3 adjacent markets of: Digital Advertising, Carrier Billing, and Digital Content in a format and go-to-market approach that meets the needs of customers and is fully aligned with best practices for each of these adjacent markets in a mode of operations to meet revenue and margin targets and best customer experience.

This includes the provide support in developing and managing of strategic partnerships in these adjacent markets to fully exploit Etisalat opportunity in it, in addition to building Etisalat’s organizational setup and pool of talent & skills relevant to these markets.

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Manager/Digital Advertising. Duties & Responsibilities :

1. Responsible to support in identifying the future revenue streams from the adjacent markets of: Digital Advertising, Digital Content, and Carrier Billing. Understand these markets dynamics, key players, value chain, and business models and develop Etisalat’s products, services, and assets in these markets to best position Etisalat.

2. Understand UAE regulatory and legal frameworks and fully align all relevant business practice to guarantee full compliance with these regulations and laws. And maintain effective interfaces with the relevant government agencies and/or professional bodies.

3. Assit in developing Etisalat’s network of partnerships in these markets and exploit its capabilities and access to generate value and opportunities for Etisalat’s in the most effective and profitable manner.

Data Scientist: Dubai, UAE. Rate:$90k-$160kp/a

4. Exhibit an expert level knowledge in: Advertising Networks, Advertising Exchanges, Programmatic Advertising, Demand Side Platforms (DSP), Supply Side Platforms (SSP), Data Management Platforms (DMP), and other nodes in the digital advertising delivery chain; and utilize this knowledge to drive a successful Digital Advertising business in Etisalat.

5. Work closely with Creative Agencies, Media Buying Agencies, Media Sales Agencies, Out Of Home Media Agencies… etc. to drive awareness, market buy-in, and premium position for Etisalat assets in the market.

6. Understand key customer needs and industry trends, competition, Technology, etc.. for these markets and the portfolio of products, services, and assets.

7. Seek strategic and operational improvement opportunities from a wide variety of sources including Market, Partnerships, Strategy, Planning and Segment Marketing.

8. Develop a rolling 12 month plan for the portfolio of products, services, and assets.

9. Provide support to create, recommend & develop product & service pricing program, assets rate cards, and partnerships business models.

10. Identify and source the required talent to initiate, run, and grow the 3 adjacent markets. Then grow and retain this talent in Etisalat. Also, provide input on the best organizational setup to guarantee continuous success and growth.

Commercial Specialist – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

11. Identify and recommend changes in delivering capability that may be required by executional teams (eg. IT, Engineering, Finance…)

12. Provide key inputs to define and reviews all policies, procedures and guidelines for Digital Content, Carrier Billing and Advertising teams and monitors and supervises their implementation.

13. Monitors quality assurance measures & standards to ensure compliance with corporation practices and international standards; ensure respective functions effectively support the corporate objectives, targets, standards and procedures.

14. Reports to and maintains ongoing dialogue with the superior and provides updates periodically about operational performance and achievement of key strategic and financial targets.

15. Use effective and organized communication with top management (CXO level) to drive awareness, alignment, engagement and support for the initiatives in the 3 adjacent markets.

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Manager/Digital Advertising. Education: Bachelor’s Degree

6-8 years of experience in the same filed

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Content Curator Jobs – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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