Lose weight by walking: A Badass method with 100% result

Lose weight by walking: A story about how to Lose weight by walking. A personal method about how I have sold my car and decided to go to work by foot and use public transport instead.

Did you notice, that, in general, people who used to walk a lot are more fit than others? The average person being children used to spend a lot of hours outside playing with other kids twenty years ago. Back then was popular among children to play outdoor games and it was making them thinner.

Nowadays young people and also adult ones prefer to live in comfort and do not a movie. So they spend fewer calories and staying at home or in the offices they would be liking to eat more. If you will see pictures of people a few decades ago, you will see them having them thin bodies. Nowadays live conditions are improving year by year, and more and more people can afford to have cars. But this is not good for people.

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About owning a car

I used to go to my Job and also university by foot and by transportation. My daily routine was to go to college and then walk to office. On average I was walking around 10 km every day. And I was feeling myself very energetic and healthy.

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After graduation I decided to finish my job and started working from home. This had bad impact on my overall feelings, I became tired after working few hours and started gain weight. Then I bought a car, and used to go everywhere by car. I could not imagine how could I live without car that time. I was going to even to shop next street by car.

Lose weight by walking is great method

2 months ago I read articles that how bad is luck of movement for people. Actually smocking is as much bad as having a life without walking. After that I realize that is time that I don’t need to own a car. I’ve sold my car and now I’m using my foots and public transportation. I feel more healthier than ever. On average I walk nearly 8 km daily and I lose 8 kg only by walking.

According to research person is needed to walk around 10 km daily to be healthy. So if you also want to Lose weight by walking, sell your car and use a bike or foot to go the places you need, and in few months you will notice the results

We should walk or use a bike for not only the environment but first of all for us.