30 Exciting Ideas for YouTube Videos To Go Viral on Social Media

Ideas for YouTube Videos: We have collected ideas for you that must be implemented! Hurry up until someone else does it.

Each blogger comes a moment when there are no ideas and do not know what to shoot.
We solved this problem! Take any idea from our list and just shoot a video.

Ideas for YouTube Videos To Go Viral

1. Tell me about yourself.
Who are you? What do you do? What do people first need to know about you? This video is where you answer these questions.
2. 10 facts
Tell about yourself 10 most interesting facts that will be interesting to your subscribers. Let them get to know you better!
3. Express your opinion.
There is always something happening in the world and people argue about it. Express your opinion! Choose a hype topic and tell your subscribers what you think about this.
4. Make a response video
Another YouTuber made a video? Speak on this score! Maybe you do not agree and want to convey your position. Or vice versa, support the opinion of the author and want to agree with him. Tell the viewers!
6. Take an interview
The interview format has become very popular. Interview friends, girlfriends, or maybe even a teacher with a school principal!
7. Challenges
New challenges are constantly appearing in the world. So accept this challenge too! Or maybe you can run the challenge yourself?
Note: Before participating in the challenge, be sure to make sure that it is adequate and will not harm you or people around
8. Watch something
Movie, series, shows, videos. Take a look and comment. People are interested in knowing what their idols think.
9. Applications on your phone
Everyone has applications on their phone, but there are no two phones with the same applications. What applications do you use and why?
10. Favorite songs
What are your favorite songs? Why? Tell your followers and maybe one of them will share your love for these songs!
11. Favorite Movies
What are your favorite movies? Why? Talk about your favorite films and why they are what they are. This is a great way to introduce your tastes to your audience.
12. Favorite animal
Tell about your favorite animal. Why exactly it? What is so special about it? Share interesting facts about your favorite animal with your fans.
13. Favorite sports
What is your favorite sport? Talking about your favorite sport can quickly build relationships with the audience, especially if it’s something as popular as basketball or football.
14. Make a comedy.
People on YouTube love to laugh, and there is a chance that you are no different. Grab your camera and friends to make something funny!
15. Show the collection. Do you collect
stamps, matches, covers or cards? Show your collection to subscribers and tell about your hobby
16. Parody another video. Did you see the video
that hooked you? Make a parody!
17. Sing a song
Sing any song you like. Everything is simple!
18. Show the day with your friends
“Video friends” are popular on YouTube, especially if they are well done because they make viewers feel like they are part of your group. If you can take a camera with your friends for one day and mount it well, your viewers will feel that they were there with you!
19. Take a tour of your room.
A person’s room says a lot about him. Show your viewers!
20. Have a product review Product
reviews are always fun to watch. Try to objectively talk about the pros and cons of the product.
21. Make an intro
Create a small 30-second video where you talk about yourself and what is happening on the channel
22. Go through a computer game and record this
A walkthrough is always interesting to watch. Spectators will study the game with you, empathize with emotional moments and solve puzzles with you
23. Review the game.
People spend a lot of money on video games. Because of this, they may want to find out about the game before buying it, so feel free to review the games!
24. Tell us your first impression of the game
A video with first impressions, such as reviews, is great for letting people know what to expect when buying a game. Tell us about the gameplay, plot, mechanics, and in the end did you want to continue playing?
25. Tell us about a family recipe.
Maybe you know an old family recipe that you would like to share with the world? A great YouTube video is to show people how to cook it.
26. Just discuss what you like.
Do you like football? You know very well the Edo era in Japan? Can you name all dog breeds from memory? Tell us about what you love and know well. Such videos are always interesting to watch!
27. Show the tricks!
Everyone loves trucks! Make something disappear or vice versa appear. And in the next video, you can reveal the secret of your focus.
28. Tell us about the historical person.
Do you admire the medieval commander or the poet of the Silver Age? Tell this person about your followers!
29. Tell us about your pets.
Do you have a pet? So why don’t your subscribers know about him yet?
30. Tell me about your laptop / tablet / phone
Your device has its own characteristics, pros, and cons. Tell subscribers about them!