Huawei 5G: Here is what you need to know

Huawei 5G: Chinese Telecommunication giant is on its way to become new major industry player. The company is willing to get contracts of Government trader of Germany. Recently Huawei said that they will be interested in selling their product to US companies.

Huawei 5G
Huawei 5G

Germany plans to build a 5G network, it’s the one of the first countries, which is already in the step of realization. A lot of companies bit to win the chance to deliver 5G to German customers.

Huawei 5G can be one of the companies, which wants to be the one who will be going to build the network. But The United States sees here serious treats. US believes that giving to Chinese company such kind of access to build a network can make Chinese Government to get and collect data from Germany and it can be against the countries national interest.

America has repeatedly urged European governments to ban Huawei infrastructure from their 5G networks, arguing that Beijing could use the Chinese group’s technology to conduct espionage or cyber sabotage. 

Mr. Homann’s agency published a guideline of security. The rule-book says that equipment can be bought only from trustworthy vendors “which unequivocally abide by national safety regulations, as well as provisions in the secrecy of telecommunications.” US allies — including Australia and New Zealand — have decided to follow the guidance from Washington and bar Huawei from parts of their telecoms infrastructure.

President Trump also dismissed a former potential strategy, to get the government more involved in securing Huawei 5G throughout development. While Trump said the new networks “have to be guarded from the enemy,” an opponent that went unnamed, he also indicated speed as a top priority for rolling out 5G.

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The government isn’t completely staying out of Huawei 5G, however. The battle over Huawei has intensified in recent months as countries in Europe and elsewhere prepare to deploy Huawei 5G 5G networks, starting with the auction of frequencies this year.