How to start your project properly

It is very important to initiate your project properly so you can continue smoothly and finish strongly, there are some actions which will protect you and help you to resolve your issues throughout the project:-

1- Get the business knowledge:

It is your project, it is your baby who you have to know everything about its business and related worldwide field. Go and do your researches, studies and collect all information available there because it will help you during the project activities and managing change requests. Finally try to be the expert of the project business field if you can.

2- Set the vision:

Do not look at the project as it is only a product but set a vision which will surely motivate you and share that vision among your team and stakeholders.

3- Create and Communicate Project Charter:

At this stage, project charter is the only available document which defines very high level project scope along with the budget and constraints like time and quality. Make sure that you share this project charter with your team so they can think with you from day one and alert for any issues or risks you might did not notice.

4- Get Formal Sign off:

It is very critical step to have all documents signed off, because when things go wrong that is the only proof which will protect you.

5- Create a Project Notebook:

Project notebook will contain all signed documents and change requests which will make it easy for anyone at any time to know everything about the project and stages it went through.

6- Build Relationships:

without relationships with your stakeholder it will be very difficult to drive the project smoothly, because you will face a lot of situations which only good relationships will resolve it.

So go and build your relationships with your client and stakeholders but make sure you can balance between professionalism and flattered.