4 Tips How To Start Running If Running Is Not Your Thing

How To Start Running: 4 practical tips to make sports easier.

If you want to go in for sports, jogging is one of the easiest and budget options. But how to start running if, after just a few minutes, your breathing goes astray and you want to “die” on the spot? Fortunately, the more you run, the easier this lesson will be for you.

Below we will talk about tips that will help you in this difficult matter.

Tip 1. Choose comfortable shoes

A quality pair of sneakers in size is exactly what you need. Everything else: special jogging clothes, fitness trackers, etc. is just a nice and not necessary addition.

When it comes to getting the perfect sneakers, remember: more expensive doesn’t always mean better. Many companies will try and even convince you that when choosing shoes it is important to consider the characteristics of the gait and type of foot.

And although these formulations sound serious and scientifically, in fact they have nothing to do with the choice of shoes that will suit you the most. The best sneakers are those in which you feel comfortable, even if they “do not match” the type of your foot.

In “pre-quarantine” times, the best way to choose the right shoes was to go to the sporting goods store, where you could try on several pairs of sneakers and choose the most comfortable ones. Unfortunately, the reality is that the stores are closed and we have to resort to the use of online services.

How To Start Running

So if you do not have a suitable pair of shoes, today you can make a virtual fitting. Of course, this is not an ideal option, but still much better than ordering sneakers blindly and hoping for the best. Also, do not forget to measure the length of your foot and read the reviews of people who have already made a purchase.  

There are many clothes designed specifically for running, but in fact you do not need them. Just put on something in which it will be convenient for you to actively move.

Your jogging clothes can be a beginner’s outfit bought in a second hand, or a T-shirt and shorts that you’ve stayed with since the days of physical education couples at the university. The main thing is comfort.

Tip 2 (female). Do not forget to choose a sports bra-top

During sports, women need to use a sports bra. Even if you are overweight and have spent years trying to persuade yourself to go for a run. In any case, the training will become much more comfortable if you select a high-quality top – fixing the chest will reduce pain during vibrational movements while running.

A convenient, breast-supporting option can be selected for any physique. To find the same top, you have to make a lot of fitting and measure your parameters.  

Tip 3. The main thing is consistency

When it comes to forming a running habit, the most important thing in this matter is the sequence of actions. In fact, running is a high – intensity load, and your body should get used to it.

That is why at first you will feel “not very,” even if you are in good physical shape. It is important to be consistent and gradually increase mileage.

If you’re a beginner, interval jogging is a good start. You will combine walking and jogging, slowly developing strength indicators and increasing running time. As a result, after about 9 weeks you will be able to run 5 kilometers.

Do not try to run faster and more if you feel that you cannot do it. When 5 kilometers will be given to you without difficulty, you will feel that it has become easier to run, and you will also understand why your runner friends praise this activity so much.

In general, when it comes to forming a habit, one should be stubborn and consistent. 

Tip 4. Know how to recognize signs of injury.

A good long run will make you feel muscle pain. However, it is important to understand the difference between regular post-workout pain and something more serious. Muscle pains, unpleasant pulling pains, as well as slight discomfort throughout the body – that often accompanies jogging.

But if you experience sharp cutting pain that affects your gait and intensifies while running, this is a sign that you should stop exercising and consult your doctor.

“One of the most important things that beginners can do to prevent injuries is to build the training process gradually,” says Christie Ashwanden, a professional athlete and author of Good to Go. – Do not increase the mileage too quickly. Runners even have an unspoken rule – do not increase the distance by more than 10% per week. ”

It is equally important to avoid overtraining. Remember that running too long and too fast can cause injury. “And don’t forget to relax,” emphasizes Aschwanden. – Regular running is, of course, great! But set aside at least one day a week for a good rest so that your body can recover. ”

If you still develop an injury, a full recovery is necessary. No matter how annoying it may sound, it’s better not to spend months recovering from an injury that has only worsened due to the fact that you returned to training too early.

So, take your running gear and develop a jogging plan before becoming one of those “fixated” (in the good sense of the word) runners who just do what they say about their workouts.

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  1. 1-Before running warm up is important so do not forget.
    2-Before running go slowly slowly keep continue 1km then go next step.
    3-For shoe make sure sole and insock good quality otherwise foot can damage.
    4-If possible run first in green land for some time then go road and track.


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