7 Proven Methods How To Build Self Confidence Quotes

How To Build Self Confidence Quotes. We all understand that self-confident people achieve more in life, not without reason they say “arrogance is the second happiness.”

However, not everyone can boast of an iron faith in their strength. To develop the necessary qualities and learn to be proud of yourself will help tips that reveal the secret of how to build self-confidence.

Self-confidence, the first step – “I am well done.”

#How To Build Self Confidence Quotes. We often reproach ourselves for something is done or not done. They ate an extra cake, didn’t wash the dishes again, regularly wake up a morning run, didn’t make an appointment with the doctor again …

All of this significantly affects self-esteem. There is always someone to scold us, but praise is much less common, so it’s important to make it a rule to praise ourselves. Every day there will certainly be an event for which we can say to ourselves, “Phew, done, I’m done.”

How To Build Self Confidence Quotes. We look confidently inside ourselves.

Make a list of your greatest strengths and attractive traits. Do not stop until you reach at least the twentieth point. Fix everything: neat, I love animals, responsive, sociable, instantly count and solve any mathematical problems, distinguish Chopin from Beethoven by ear, draw / sing / dance / orient myself well, drink and don’t drunk, etc.

Reread the list from time to time and add what you did not pay attention to right away. You can be absolutely sure that your strengths will not fail. And if you didn’t succeed in preparing Napoleon’s cake for the first time, say to yourself, “But I’m cooking borsch!”

We increase self-confidence by dropping “heaviness from the shoulders”.

#How To Build Self Confidence Quotes. Driveaway oppressed public opinion. You can’t get on a minibus with a thousand rubles, you cannot exchange a bill in a store without a purchase, you cannot ask for a seat on the bus or ask a stranger to add twenty rubles for a chocolate bar.

All these stereotypes should have nothing to do with you! Try to go to the store and ask to break a hundred rubles into two fifty dollars. Or politely invite the buyer next to the line to finish the “missing” two rubles. If they refuse you, then you lose nothing, and if successful, you will be in the black.

“My light is a mirror, say …”

Every morning, start with a positive. Before you leave home, look at your reflection in the mirror and say, “I am the most charming and attractive, beautiful and smart, today will be my day!” Tune in to victory and believe in luck, then the day will surely throw you a pleasant surprise, whether it is a bonus to your salary, your favorite salad in the dining room, or the bus that arrived on time.

“The scene is calling”

#How To Build Self Confidence Quotes. Speak in public. Let your audience be three colleagues from a department or a girlfriend in a cafe. Do not be afraid to prove yourself by helping with training or by sharing your skills and knowledge at conferences and theme nights.

Write poetry – read them in a literary club. Play the guitar – sing your favorite songs at your next meeting with friends. Cook well – write a recipe in the thematic section of the forum and attach photos for clarity. Demonstration of your strengths will bring you the approval of others and inner freedom.

We become self-confident despite the “Price of error.”

#How To Build Self Confidence Quotes. Often doubts gnaw at us with a vengeance when something important and important to us is at stake. We are afraid to act, because we are afraid to do the wrong thing. Fear of error undermines the foundation of self-confidence.

It is important to understand that the consequences are not as global as we think, and most of them can be experienced. Take a taxi or take a bus to catch up on time with a client?

Accept an invitation from a competing firm and leave or stay at your current job? Send a child to this school or that? Tell a friend who is calling from the sale to buy you a shirt of size 44 or 46?

How To Build Self Confidence Quotes

Scroll through your head in case the worst fears come true. For example, “I will fail on the exam, get a retake, but I’ll still stay at university and all my relatives will be left alive and healthy”

or “They will bring me bigger or smaller clothes, I’ll have to go change them, I can lose money and time, but nothing really terrible happened “, or maybe” I was late for a meeting with a client, he will terminate the contract, the boss scolds me, but nothing worse will happen. ”

Model bad situations ad infinitum, in the end, you will be convinced that the maximum that the wrong decision threatens you with is a small physical inconvenience or a piece of emotional comfort. Knowing the price of your mistake, you can make decisions more easily and be more confident in yourself.

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Practice every day, record your victories and defeats, analyze the results and improve your self-confidence. Soon you will see that the word “no” has become easier for you, and making decisions no longer seems like a problem or a headache. Starting to believe in yourself, you begin to live for yourself. #How To Build Self Confidence Quotes