How stop drinking soda. 10 reasons why you should stop today

These tips will help you. How stop drinking soda? Get the answer here.

Scientists and nutritionists are increasingly sounding the alarm because of the craze for sweet soda. It is believed that such drinks harm the stomach and threaten obesity, but this list of cons does not end there.

Scientists and nutritionists of all countries do not cease to sound the alarm because of the general craze of the population with sweet carbonated drinks. Basically, the focus is on the negative impact of soda on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, which can provoke gastritis and even an ulcer.
The second big “sin”, which is clearly listed for such drinks, is their supersaturation with sugar, leading to obesity.

But does this end with a list of negative sides of soda? Definitely not. For today’s review, we have prepared 10 compelling reasons why you should definitely stop drinking sweet carbonated drinks and give preference to plain water or vitamin smoothies and fruit juices.

How stop drinking soda?

1. Provokes hunger

The sugar contained in sweet soda is rather quickly processed and absorbed, causing an insulin “jump” in the blood. Behind a quick jump, there is a sharp decline – the body urgently needs a carbohydrate supplement. That is what we feel in the form of a sharp attack of aching hunger. According to official data, the enthusiasm for such drinks provokes the use of an average of 17% more calories than is really necessary.

2. Completely has no nutritional value.

Everybody knows the expression “empty calories”, but what exactly does it mean? Most often they say this about products that are completely devoid of any useful substances – mineral salts, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, fiber. All this is 100% applicable to sweet carbonated drinks, which are shared with the body only sugars and calories.

3. May cause headaches.

According to unofficial data, early studies of artificial sweetener aspartame indicate its ability to cause persistent headaches in some people. Thus, some correlation was found between the frequency of migraines among fans of carbonated drinks.

How stop drinking soda? Do you need more reasons?

4. Negative effect on tooth enamel

Excessive consumption of sugary carbonated drinks will not bring your smile to Hollywood at all, but will only increase the number of trips to the dentist. The culprit is citric acid contained in soda – it weakens and destroys tooth enamel over time, which enhances the development of caries and the appearance of microcracks on the surface of teeth, in which plaque accumulates.

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5. A negative effect on the liver.

Of course, it is customary to expect greater harm for the liver from alcohol, but carbonated drinks follow it on its heels. The fact is that the sugar contained in them, consisting mainly of glucose and fructose, is also processed by the liver. As a result of this organ’s fructose “overload”, excess sugar is deposited in fat, which threatens the development of cirrhosis. Therefore, to mix alcohol with soda is the worst of evils.

How stop drinking soda? Do you need more reasons?

6. May cause depression

A recent study by the American Academy of Neurology shows that people who regularly drink more than 4 glasses or cans of soda a day for 10 years are 30% more likely to experience depressions and disorders than among those who have avoided sugary drinks. Such a sad relationship was revealed both among fans of classic drinks and dietary versions with reduced sugar and calorie content.

7. Bone harms

Women over 60 years of age are at risk of osteoporosis. Scientists have discovered that drinking carbonated sugary drinks further aggravates this problem. Specifically, it was found that women who regularly drink cola have an average of almost 4% less dense bone tissue compared with the “non-drinking” group. Studies even controlled the amount of calcium and vitamin D intake of all participants – it was the same, so the conclusions are quite obvious.

How stop drinking soda? Do you need more reasons?

8. Increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

According to the results of research conducted at the University of Minnesota, the use of just one serving of dietary cola per day increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes by 36%. More precisely, there is an interrelation of soda and increase in blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood, and all these factors, in turn, increase the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and diabetes.

9. Contributes to the accumulation of excess weight.

Researchers at the University of Texas not so long ago found that citizens who regularly drink the diet version of soda for about 10 years, in 70% of cases, have a greater waste than non-drinkers. A psychological effect works – after ordering a diet version of the drink, people could easily order double cheeseburgers and large portions of french fries, because they had already taken a step towards health.

10. Misleading the body

Compared to natural sugars, artificial sweeteners have a more intense flavor. Therefore, in the case of the abuse of carbonated drinks, the sweetness of the fruit loses all its palatability. Even more alarming is the fact that, according to the results of recent studies, sugar analogs are able to precisely control the level of insulin in the blood, which sends a signal to the body to store fats.

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