How many military aircraft each country has in the world

The United States has the largest number of military aircraft in the world, China is in second place and Russia is in third, Jobzey referring to a study by Facebook’s Air Power community.

Researchers from Air Power, having studied the World Air Forces 2019 Report data from the portal, identified the top ten countries in the world that have the largest combat aircraft fleet. In the first place, of course, are the United States with 2,826 combat aircraft. The second step of the podium was taken by China with 1624 aircraft, and Russia with 1591 combat aircraft was in third place. Next, in descending order: India, North and South Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

According to reports, these 10 countries account for 64% of the total number of active combat aircraft in the world (including bombers).

However, as noted in the “Warspot”, it is surprising that Israel is not in the top ten with its 319 combat aircraft. For some unknown reason, the drafters assigned 48 Israeli F-16Ds and 18 F-15B / Ds to training aircraft.

Researchers from Air Power also calculated the total number of combat aircraft (active) in the world on active duty and published the top ten most popular fighters, front-line bombers and attack aircraft.

According to the data provided, a total of 14,827 Military aircraft are on combat duty in the world. In the first place, as the most massive active combat aircraft in the world, the F-16 is located with all its modifications, of which 2,280 aircraft are in active service. In second place is also an American aircraft – F / A-18 with 1090 units, and in third – a family of Soviet / Russian Su27 / 30 with 1066 combat aircraft.

Also in the list in descending order: American F-15, Soviet / Russian MiG-29, European Eurofighter Typhoon, Soviet / Russian Su-25, Chinese J / F-7, American F-5, Soviet / Russian Su-24. Thus, four American and Soviet / Russian aircraft were included in the list, one European and one Chinese, which is a copy of the Soviet MiG-21.


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