How to get pregnant twins: 5 Best Medical and traditional methods

How to get pregnant twins? Do you want to make your spouse happy at once with two little ones? Find out how to get pregnant with blizzards about realizing your dream!

They say you can not argue with nature. Especially when it comes to the continuation of the human race. The entire population of the Earth accounts for only 1.5% of the twins. Therefore, if you want to have not one, but two babies at once, you will have to try very hard. Our advice will help you successfully “negotiate” with nature.

I want to get pregnant with twins, once again you repeat yourself. The twins are beautiful, once he was tormented, and two beautiful little angels appeared. Do you know that multiple pregnancies doubles the risk of toxicosis in severe forms, provokes active weight gain, the development of varicose veins? During the carrying of two babies at once, the mother’s heart works with a 4-fold load, and the amount of vitamins and minerals increases threefold.

Perhaps mentally you are ready for this. But can your body withstand such a shock? Therefore, before looking for an answer to the question of how to conceive twins, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination. And be sure to abandon this idea in the presence of heart disease, hypertension, varicose veins. If you are healthy and decisive, our advice will definitely come in handy.

How do multiple pregnancies occur?

How to get pregnant twins. To find out how to become pregnant with twins, follow the process of occurrence of multiple pregnancies. Once a month in the female body matures egg, which leaves the ovary and goes on a journey to the uterus.

This happens in the middle of the monthly cycle. If the egg cell encounters a sperm cell on its way, fertilization occurs. In the uterus, it gets ready for active development (or scientifically, for division). On average, once per 200 menstrual cycles, one egg begins to not only grow but also divides into 2 independent cells. So there is a pregnancy with identical twins.

These kids are unique. They have an absolutely identical set of genes and a striking outward resemblance. The probability of having identical twins is only 25% of the total number of multiple pregnancies. 75% of twins have a dual nature.

This means that in the female body 2 eggs once miraculously matured, they met two sperm cells and together reached the uterus. Such babies have excellent sets of genes and outwardly may be little similar. The probability of becoming pregnant with twins in this way is also not high – only one pregnancy per 100 possible.

How to conceive twins or twins girls – medicine tips

It is believed that nature deliberately limits the birth of twins. The population of the planet is large, and frequent multiple pregnancies will only aggravate the situation. That is why in well-fed European countries and, for example, Japan, the natural birth of twins is a real rarity. Whereas in hungry Africa with a low level of development of medicine, this happens quite often. Bursts of twin pregnancies were observed after bloody wars and mass epidemics.

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But fortunately, we live in a calm, peaceful time. Therefore, we are concerned about the issue of the birth of twins without the need to relocate or go on a hunger strike. Your chances will be higher under the following circumstances.

How to get pregnant with twins – medical methods

You have twins in your family. This means that you have a rare gene of multiple pregnancies.

You are over 35 years old. At this age, the concentration of the hormone FSH, which is responsible for the activity of the eggs and has a direct influence on their behavior after fertilization, increases in the female’s body.

You have undergone IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedure. Family couples who cannot conceive a child in a natural way resort to it. In the uterus of the woman several fertilized eggs are planted at once. Do it for reinsurance, as usually part of the eggs dies. But sometimes all survive. And then the parents become happy “owners” of two or even three children.

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You have taken contraceptives. After completing a course of hormone therapy, the body begins to actively restore the balance of hormones. This several times increases the possibility of multiple pregnancies.

Your monthly cycle is 21-22 days.

You are breastfeeding. During lactation, the production of female hormones is most intense. Therefore, even without a genetic predisposition, you can suddenly become the mother of two more babies.

Your uterus is divided into two parts. This anatomical anomaly called “two-horned uterus” is found in only 5% of women. But it is believed that this is exactly the structure of the uterus was originally intended for carrying two children.

How to get pregnant with twins – traditional methods

What you need to do to be born healthy twins. To learn how to give birth to twins, you can enlist the advice of traditional medicine. Our grandmothers thought that the season of conception and the diet of the future mother were “responsible” for the multiple pregnancies.

The best time of the year is summer. The activity of female sex hormones in the summer is higher, the body is saturated with useful vitamins and minerals.

The best foods are milk and meat. They contain a lot of protein, which stimulates the production of female sex hormones. Eat veal, pork, poultry, cheese, drink milk. You can also eat seafood with a high content of sea protein: mussels, shrimps, brine. The same diet will help you get pregnant after a miscarriage, or if you can’t conceive a baby for a long time.