Why I find Happiness in the struggle​. My story

Sooo… International Day of Happiness is coming up.. Happiness in the struggle​, what I find out

Q: What am I doing & Why?

A: I’ll be spending my International Day of Happiness at work, because what makes me happy is progress. I’ve spent years in business & capital markets studying math, monetary history, economics, psychology, anthropology and societal evolution. Two things I’ve concluded:

  1. Progress makes humans happy
  2. Bitcoin is super exciting, because it’s the only thing that brings all of those areas of interest & study together.

For me, making progress on Amber is what drive me. Bitcoin is the ultimate contrarian socio-technological creation. It has reinvented money; not just payments, and it’s transforming the very concept of value exchange. As more capital flows into space, the unit value per Bitcoin will increase; which means more infrastructure development, greater network security and more capital flow that will drive an increase in its value.

Right now we have a phenomenal opportunity in this space to accumulate this scarce digital asset. My work allows me to give everyone some exposure to Bitcoin. And in the process help more people get access to the most asymmetric opportunity of our lifetime (100:1 upside to downside). Happiness in the struggle​,

Why Progress Gets Me Going

Our mission is to make exposure to Bitcoin as simple, low risk & automated as possible. Given the complexity of the crypto-currency space, which is currently dominated by experienced traders, that is a radical goal. It’s inventive, hopeful and progressive. It’s what gets me up every day & gets me in the office on weekends to read, write & work (which I consider play).

The idea that we can help thousands, and one-day millions of people, get access to this exciting new asset is incredibly inspiring.I am most happy when I get to tell people about what we’re doing or bringing the team together and executing on our vision. These are the moments that life is all about.

If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress

Everyone knows that progress is hard. Instead of striving to push the boundaries, people opt for the safety net. But for me, “smooth sailing” does not imply a real journey. Bumps in the road are part of the process of true progress and anything that’s easy is not really “earned”. Part of the delight of making progress is putting in the hard work so that you know you’ve earned it at the end. Happiness in the struggle​,

Strong Teams are Built on Trust

Celebrate the Meaningful Things

Business and entrepreneurship are not meant to be easy. The majority of your days at work will be full of problems, pitfalls and pain. But it’s meant to be tough, especially if you’re trying to do something meaningful.

So if you love what you do, be happy that you have the opportunity to do it. Appreciate & honour what you love, the progress you’ve made and the goals you’ve attained. The International Day of Happiness is just a reminder for us to do this. So take a moment to appreciate it today and everyday that you can. Happiness in the struggle

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