Top 10 German stereotypes about other Europeans

German stereotypes. The Germans soberly assess the capabilities and abilities of their nation. The only nation whose superiority the Germans recognize is the Swedes: their zeal, punctuality and pedantry (you can’t argue with that).

Germans consider the Americans frivolous, which is absolutely not inherent in the Germans themselves. But don’t think that they despise Americans. On the contrary, respect for their self-esteem.

German stereotypes

There is a stereotype about the British that they are completely kind and harmless people (however, no one refutes this).

And this is what the Germans think of us Russians. Firstly, they believe that we are all thin because we are not eating up. However, secondly, we are sure that we are all physically strong. Paradox. Thirdly, they do not believe that we can brew beer and drink only vodka.

A lot of myths go about our country with you in Germany. Here are some of them:

  • In Russia, the most beautiful, calculating and economic girls
  • Alcoholics and mafiosi live in Russia, chess is your favorite game
  • In Russia, small salaries, most people live in villages