Front-End Developer – Toronto, Canada. $75-90K

Front-End Developer – Toronto, Canada. Description:

About FormHero

FormHero is a platform of interrelated products that strive to offer the best possible (fully-accessible) user-experience in digital data collection, coupled with industry-leading graphical form design and creation tools. A successful and growing SaaS offering, we process countless FormHero “formflow” submissions for our clients — mostly large banks, insurance companies, and other well-known brands whose names you would recognize.


FormHero is not a data company. We do not keep, sell, or even store any of the data we collect: Instead, it goes straight into our customers’ hands in the form of fully-customizable PDF document output, and/or by integrating with any new or existing data-driven systems and processes through our robust dynamic API integration and post-submission “destinations” capabilities.

Altogether, FormHero enables complex business logic in a user-friendly no-code or very-low-code environment for platform users, and integrates seamlessly with existing business processes both digital and paper-based, and in particular as a “bridge to paperless” for those currently or soon-to-be making the digital transition.

Front-End Developer – Toronto, Canada. The Opportunity:

What You will be Working On:

As a key member of our Front-End team, you’ll be joining at a pivotal time as we prepare to migrate our codebase to a modern Front-End framework. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to deciding on the right choice. You’ll share the load of continuing to develop on our existing platform with the rest of the team and be someone we can ideate with and help raise the bar in the quality and stability of our product together.

The Front-End suite of the FormHero Platform consists of three products:

FormHero Studio. Studio is our feature-rich “formflow” design and construction toolkit. Studio offers graphical tools, including a dynamic logical flow chart and form panel and field editors, to fully enable users with no (or low) technical background to develop formflows to satisfy complex business logic.

Your users are primarily our in-house forms designers with whom you will interact regularly, and also external customer-based forms designers who use the FormHero platform remotely and from whom we may receive support requests through our Customer Service team.

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FormHero UI, or “Filler,” as we call it internally, is the principal public- and customer-facing data collection engine which “runs” the formflows, collects data from users as they “fill” out the forms, uploads the submission, and (as applicable) returns client-side output (such as server-generated PDFs) to the user.

Your users are primarily employees of our customers where FormHero is used for their in-house processes, and also members of the general public in cases where our customers use FormHero in a public-facing system such as a website or mobile app.

FormHero Catalog is an attractive auth-enabled web portal providing a listing of, and access to, all published forms in a given FormHero environment. Catalog also provides access to our advanced “works-in-progress” feature for those clients who use it.

Your users are primarily a high-priority subset of our customers’ employees in large enterprises such as banking.

All three codebases mentioned above are living, breathing systems with established user bases. Though they exist independently, they must also by necessity grow and evolve together, along with the various services that are built and maintained by your counterparts on the Back-

End team with whom you will collaborate regularly: Back- and Front-end teams co-own schema and many feature specifications. For this reason, extensive understanding of web-based client-server models is a necessity in this role, and past back-end or full-stack experience would be an asset.

You will not be “shipping and forgetting” code in this role. At FormHero, the code you and your teammates write today will be the code we are supporting next week, next year, and beyond. Quality, consistency and sustainability are the keys to success in this role, so you should be a person who takes pride in doing high-quality work and sticking with it.

You will be appreciated for your technical maturity and ability to deliver robust code within practical constraints. Taking an “it’s good enough,” “race-to-the-finish” approach will not work well here.

Front-End Developer – Toronto, Canada

Who You Are

You are a talented Front-End Developer with 5+ years of experience coding in JavaScript with any two or more modern frameworks like Vue, React or Angular. Rather than having one favourite and sticking to it, you’ll know or learn enough about each option to help us make an informed decision to guide us into the future.

As you build and test, you demonstrate deep empathy for your users, understanding they come from a wide range of backgrounds, abilities and choices of preferred device and web browser.

Your code is clean, efficient and DRY. And sure, you know some fancy tricks and techniques to impress the rest of the team, but you also write very clear and detailed developer comments as you go (or before you PR), so that the person who comes after you can easily learn and understand the purpose of your beautiful code.

Front-End Developer – Toronto, Canada

When asked which you are more passionate about, new feature dev versus solving all technical debt, you would enthusiastically say “both,” and you should be excited for the chance to join a team that shares these values.

You have built and compiled your source with Node packages and can explain what Babel is for. You are not expected to be a creative web designer in this role, but you are comfortable enough with CSS/SCSS to accurately reproduce the look and feel based on design materials provided to you. You should be able to tell us your three favourite features of ES6.

You are intimately familiar with the client/server model in website and web application development, and ideally you have worked on some complex SPAs before (but that’s not a deal-breaker). You definitely know how to work with Git and probably already have a GitHub account.

Front-End Developer – Toronto, Canada

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You like to give, and appreciate receiving, detailed feedback on PRs, and are not afraid of CRs, because you appreciate that it’s a way to collaboratively achieve the best quality code.

Here are some experiences and traits that would be highly advantageous:

Familiarity developing in a Mac ecosystem

Working with (and/or upgrading from) AngularJS 1.x

Experience with jQuery, including how and when to use it properly (and when and why not to use it)

AWS, Shippable, Jenkins would all be great to know but not required

Very good at dealing with many quirks of web-based APIs

Unit testing and end-to-end testing using tools such as Jest, NightWatch or Cypress

Accessible web design experience (knowledge about WCAG-compliance and have worked with screen-reader tools such as JAWS)

Past work in a role that involved business analysis or process development

Responsive web design for cross-platform support

Supporting IE11 (although the clock is ticking on this, and we promise it’s not a major part of the job)

These are guidelines, not hard fast rules. If only some of these apply to you, but you’re very passionate about this opportunity, we still want to hear from you. #Front-End Developer – Toronto, Canada

Why should you join us?

FormHero is a rapidly scaling company, expanding our platform that serves core business needs for some of Canada’s largest companies.

Some reasons why you might enjoy working with us:

Join a team of bright, humble and diverse individuals who come from different backgrounds and walks of life to build exceptional products together.

Make an impact at an organization with big clients and big plans. It’s a chance to make meaningful contributions and expand your career at a growing company.

Enjoy our Lunch & Learns, Friday Socials, team building events and lively Slack groups and get to know your teammates both as coworkers as well as individuals.

Be supported by a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental and vision plans for you and your family, EAP program and parental leave top-up and more.

Find work-life balance with paid vacation days, flexible working hours and remote work days.

Work at our convenient downtown Toronto location, just minutes away from the TTC and Union Station.

*Benefits/perks listed above may change over time as the company grows and evolves.

We are at an exciting point in our growth where we are beginning to expand to an international clientele. We’re a company with traction and we’re planning to expand broadly. We are already working with some of the largest companies in Canada and we have gained recognition for putting the end user customer experience first.

FormHero operates out of OneEleven, a scale-up hub focused on helping Canada’s most promising, high-growth tech startups scale their operations to global markets.

Front-End Developer. Apply now

Think this job is meant for you but worried you don’t have it all? If you feel you meet 70% of the qualifications and you are an innovative team player, express your interest here and we promise to consider your full profile. You can also follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to learn more about us.

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FormHero is a diverse employer, we are always excited to have different types of people join our team and add to our culture in new ways. Please feel free to identify your preferred pronouns (if you want to) when applying. #Front-End Developer

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