Countries Where Is Not Allowed Flush Toilet Paper: Mapped

Flush Toilet Paper: All jin! I previously wrote about how many people in Europe do not have a private toilet, and today I propose a little more detailed analysis of this burning topic for each of us.

Today we‚Äôll talk about toilet paperūüôĄ. Almost the entire progressive world knew the goodness of this accessory and even, it seems to me, fell into some kind of dependence on it.

The confirmation of my words is the tremendous excitement around the coveted rolls in recent months. Millions of people, frightened by the spread of a new infection, began to massively buy them in reserve on an unprecedented scale. Moreover, the “54 meters” was swept off the shelves along with the notorious buckwheat, salt, and medicine. Thus, in the human mind, toilet paper is firmly entrenched as an essential commodity.

– Excuse me, where is the toilet?
– As the classic said: ‚ÄúYou are everywhere‚ÄĚ!

All this madness turned into a real farce. And naturally became the subject of numerous jokes on the Internet. What just did not come up with suffering from forced idleness.
A variety of challenges involving relatives and animals, competitions, and even the construction of miniature buildings from rolls. And of course, all this gave rise to a lot of so-called memes. I think each of you came across at least one of them on the network.

History of toilet paper

Despite the fact that it is rather difficult to imagine a modern closet without this accessory, toilet paper has come into mass use relatively recently. 

For centuries, people have used completely different means for the familiar hygiene procedure, depending on geography, customs, and social status. Someone used the most affordable handsūüėí, someone came to the rescue the plant world, including even corncobs, and someone liked to use stones, sand or snow.¬†

Somehow distorted already, right? Probably not the most pleasant sensations. Of the devices most loyal to such delicate places, it is worth highlighting a stick with a dried sea sponge wound around it.

Such were in use in the Roman Empire. However, it should be noted that they were reusable and, after their intended use, they were washed in vinegar or saltwater.

If we talk about directly the predecessors of the modern roll, it is believed that the first who came close to this was the American Joseph Galetti. In 1857, he showed the world his invention, a¬†special medical paper¬†intended for the toilet.¬†It was impregnated with aloe vera extract and protected by a watermark with the manufacturer’s initials‚Ěó A whole work of art.

And our treasure acquired the final roll-up appearance at Scott’s paper mill in the same States, where,¬†since 1890, toilet paper was launched in this genius format of its own.¬†So, by all the hated “Pindos” gave the world such an absolutely blessed thing.

Toilet bowl and paper

Around the same year, the toilet began its victorious march around the world. It is not without reason that they say that world-changing ideas are born simultaneously, regardless of distances and barriers.

Initially, these two products of human genius entered a regular symbiosis and created a golden duet together. Finally, a person entering the restroom could feel like the crown of creation. After all, it was Homo Sapiens who was the first on the planet who was able to break away from Mother Nature during this delicate action, during which he is more vulnerable than ever. Moreover, many naturally began to draw ironic analogies with sitting on the throne. 

After completing the sacred act, it seemed completely logical, obeying ancient instincts, to donate several precious scraps of paper as a gift to the faience ‚Äúdeity‚ÄĚ.¬†However, the¬†technology was still imperfect.¬†and the kind of artery of the white God, which people called “pipes” too often could not withstand the constant flow of donations from their flock and clogged, forming a metaphorical thrombus in the circulatory system of the body.

Flush Toilet Paper

The call of the ancestors constantly repeated in my head: “We must protect our idols!”¬†And more and more, familiar plates and announcements began to appear to everyone saying that it was¬†strictly forbidden to throw the paper into the toilet! However, this practice has not spread everywhere.¬†Let’s look at a map of the world where countries are marked with different colors, depending on whether it is possible to throw toilet paper into the toilet bowl or not.

Flush Toilet Paper Mapped
Flush Toilet Paper Mapped

As we can see, more than half of the countries are forced to use the shameful bucket standing next to the majestic throne after the sacrament of trekking. And if you take a closer look at which countries it is, it will become clear that several billion people live in them. 

South America in its entirety, almost all of Africa and Asia make up this kind of “bucket-belt” belt. Probably, this is largely due to the imperfection of the sewer systems there, and in the Arab world, the paper was not generally accepted for religious reasons.

Russia, together with the former social camp and a number of countries in southern Europe, has not decided on its worldview about this and establish their own rules in the darkness of the room with the universal inscription WC gave everyone at their discretion. That is, without a doubt, a cognitive story I today brought to you, my dear reader, for review.

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