10 Richest and Poorest European Countries Map by GDP

European Countries Map: The purchasing power of countries in Europe. Where is the average salary not enough even for groceries?

The price level and the number of goods that are available to the buyer for a certain amount are important economic indicators. Purchasing power speaks of the state’s wealth or poverty much more than its GDP or the number of billionaires.

The map once again shows us two different worlds – Eastern (together with Southern) and Western Europe. Only Spain with Portugal and southern Italy spoil the statistics.

According to the calculations of the Growth from Knowledge agency, the top ten countries with the highest incomes look like this (in parentheses is the purchasing power in euros ).

European Countries Map

1. Liechtenstein (67550). For comparison, the average European PS indicator is 14,739 euros.

2. Switzerland (42067). A country of banks and expensive watches. Geneva, Basel and Zurich are in the TOP 10 cities on the planet in terms of quality of life.

3. Luxembourg (35096). The location of many EU structures, banks and funds (thanks to the offshore zone).

4. Iceland (32988). The most successful representative of the Scandinavian economic model. Minimum unemployment and inequality, maximum growth.

5. Norway (29842). A large percentage of government participation in large areas and national GDP gives excellent results.

6. Denmark (26273). Not enough resources, but developed industry allows us to be the largest player in foreign trade.

7. Austria (24067). One of the most industrialized countries. New technologies in everything – from agriculture to the space industry. And, of course, tourism.

8. Germany (23779). The quality of German products is well known. 3rd place in the world in exports, a developed social sphere and a high standard of living.

European Countries Map Rich poor
European Countries Map Rich poor

9. Finland (22626). Finns overtake many in innovative technologies, thanks to close collaboration between industry and universities. Favorable business climate and political stability.

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10. Sweden (21836). One of the most reliable trading partners with a flexible and efficient economy.

Ukraine closes the European GfK rating of 2019 , yielding even to Moldova , Belarus , Turkey and the countries of the former Yugoslavia .

As for Russia , our income has continued to decline since 2014. A slight increase in salaries, the debt load of the population, increased taxes and a drop in demand for goods allow experts to talk about the Great Depression .