Digital Nomads: The Best life Balance of working and traveling

Digital Nomads: The Best life Balance of working and traveling. Many people dream about traveling around the world and having new adventures, but having a short vacation of a few weeks during a year, it seems impossible to travel and discover new countries and new cultures. 

Nowadays a lot of people are stressed because of work. Working at an office with managers who try to control worker whole they, can be a reason for that and also a relationship with coworkers. 

With a term of “Digital Nomads” is described the new trend of working online or remotely and traveling around the globe. This became possible due to the development of new technologies and internet. More and more companies try to hire specialists and do not require them to be stuck at the office, but be wherever they want, and such kind of companies value result more than working process.

Digital Nomads Stories

Ashley Roberts is a Digital Nomad since 2005. 48 years old Londoner traveled around the globe and have been already in 80 countries. 

“When I was 32, I quit my job, I had a good job, I was an IT consultant and decided to go for traveling to Latin America. I was tired of working at office, I had a lot of stress, so I decided that I need something new.

I just went there and liked so much that stayed more than a year there. Then I came back to London and sold my house to finance my traveling. I went to South East Asia and started to teach English.” Robert remembers.

According to recent research done by Canadian Man’s Health Week work causes more stress, and the reason of Majority cases of Stress are related to work at Office. 

Digital Nomads in Different countries

Nowadays the economical environment is changed, office style and very controlled working style was important for industrial age companies, where was needed to have higher control to increase workers productivity. But because of automatization that all kinds of jobs are now by robots, and today’s jobs require more creativity. And some methods of managerial control will not work now, because creativity requires freedom and a better life balance.

Digital nomads found the best life balance between work and study. They travel and meet new people, and this is a great boost for creativity and happiness. They just need to find a few hours to work, and that jobs can be done from a hotel room or from a beach next to see. 

“The good thing about such kind of remote jobs is that most such jobs are project based. And I just get tasks to complete with deadlines and it’s up to me to work hard for a few days and then enjoy my free time or organize my day that I can have enough job to for every day” – says Babek

Babek Mansounia, 40 years old, is also a Digital Nomad from Iran, who is working for a Swedish company, but lives in Tbilisi. He could not get international transfers in Iran because of American Sanctions Iranian banking system is not able to accept payments from other countries.

Why to be a Digital Nomad in Tbilisi, Georgia

“I like Tbilisi very much, I came and lived here 2 years ago, back then here was cheaper than in Iran. I liked the city and that I can also meet with foreigners who travel and also live here. I also make friends with locals, mostly with Georgians who speaks English.

There are meetings where travelers, digital nomads meet for language exchange and socializing, such kind of events are interesting for Digital Nomads, as they come to a new city they can find a way to make new friends and learn about local people” tells Babek. 

Ashley Roberts like about Tbilisi that Georgian people are super friendly and compare to London in Tbilisi prices are much cheaper. Also the weather is better in Tbilisi, it’s warmer and there are many sunny days. 

“There is also minuses of being a Digital Nomad, as you travel foreign countries around the world most of the time you are far from your Parents and friends. For example it’s 2 years I didn’t meet with my Parents and Sister, my sister has kids whom I didn’t meet as well. Pluses are that at least now I’m not stressed, long time ago when I used to work at an office job in London,

I used to live in a very fast-paced work, but now my life is completely changed, I’m now more relaxed, I can now do what I want, I can travel or do not do anything. I believe that this freedom is the main reason why I wanted to travel, I wanted to escape the outrace.

For Roberts the main reason of choosing Georgia for living is regulations that allows foreigners to stay in Georgia for 1 year and there is no need of visa. 

“I used to live in Thailand before Georgia, but every three monts I had to leave the country spend some time in another country and come back again, it could cost a lot of money. I came to Georgia because of this liberal visa policy, and I think many foreigners come to live here because there is no need of paper work and visa, they can just come and live here.” 

In 2014 Georgian Parliament accepted new low that foreigners from certain countries can live in Georgia without visa 1 year. But this law is not working for Iranians. 

“I can stay here only 45 days, because I’m Iranian, and Iran-Georgia do not have longer visa agreement, also I face problems here because of American sanctions Georgian banks do not open a bank account for me. And it’s problematic to get payments from abroad. Now I plan to move to Istanbul, Iranians there can stay 3 months and also can have a bank account.

But if there want be such problems I will prefer to stay in Georgia, because I like this country and I made friends here. Here safety is better than in Iran or Turkey” – says Babek Mansounia.

Babek tells that he learned about digital nomad 5 years ago, when he was working at an Advertisement company, but closed for some reason and he found out that it’s possible work online for a foreign company and get payment. After Georgia he plans to continue working online, and then move to Europe or East Asian countries.

American Experience of attracting Digital Nomads

Many countries now try to attract foreign talents. Brain Drain is a very popular term that describes the movement of smart and educated people from poor countries to rich countries. Digital nomads are mostly doing something that is opposite to Brain Drain.

Talented people from rich countries go to live permanently or temporarily in poor countries and spend their salaries there.

A guy from England who gets average salary in London can have a better lifestyle with a London salary in Georgia for example. I Georgia he can afford to rent a nice apartment 5 times cheaper than in England.

American city Vermont has a special program to attract Digital Nomads or guys who work remotely. The City pays 10 000$ anyone who has a high paying job that can be done online to relocate to live in Vermont.

In such a way Vermont is trying to increase the number of people who have a job and can spend in the city, which can create new jobs for locals.

Georgia also made some laws and regulations that are attracting foreigners to come to live in Georgia, for a foreigner who lives in Georgia and gets money from abroad, it’s not needed to pay tax, foreign income is tax free.

This is increasing attractiveness of Georgia for Europeans especially, because in most European countries taxes are very high and they choose Georgia because of this regulation also.

Digital Nomads are also beneficial for Georgian economy, as this people spend their earnings in Georgia, they rent apartments, they use the services, so local people get chance to earn money on them..

Tbilisi used to be the meeting point of Caucasus, where different nations meet and live together historically. Nowadays new people and nations came to live in Tbilisi and it makes the city more diverse and unique.

If in one hundred years ago you could see Armenians, Jewish, Russian or Azerbaijani here, nowadays they are people from Malaysia, Canada, Latin America, and other places as well.

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