5 Reasons Why You Give Up A Diet Without Losing Weight

Diet Loss Weight Fast. So, you decide to go on a diet. 2 months later:

Expectation: you are the most beautiful and slender, walking around the city with a light walk in a new dress, and everyone turns around on you.

Reality: you are angry because you are hungry all the time, acne on your skin, weight has stopped.

Diet Loss Weight Fast: 5 Reasons Why You Give Up A Diet Without Losing Weight

Want reality to match reality? Read what problems most people lose weight face, and most importantly, how to avoid them.

Stomach upset

Intestinal bacteria begin to experience stress the very first – if you are still positive and morally prepared for a new menu, they are perplexed – why didn’t anyone warn them? And it doesn’t matter what kind of diet you are talking about: the popular low-carb keto, Ducane, or interval fasting. The intestines will respond to a sudden change in nutrition with diarrhea or constipation.

Constant hunger

When you think about eating less, you still think about food. You can be distracted by work or an interesting film, but the stomach still resembles a rumbling: “Hey, I want to eat when you feed me?”

Some lean on low-calorie dishes, such as vegetable salads or soups, which quickly fill the stomach. The feeling of fullness does not last long – they will quickly slip through, and again you want to eat. Sooner or later, you will drown out the constant feeling of hunger – in a hidden box of chocolates.

Skin problems

In addition to obvious reasons, such as a lack of vitamins in food consumed, intestinal permeability affects the skin condition. The so-called intestinal barrier function either allows nutrients to enter the bloodstream or eliminates toxins and allergens from food.

With irritation and inflammation, permeability increases and allows “enemies” to enter the bloodstream. The body begins to get rid of them with the help of excretory organs. The most affordable of them is leather. It dries and gets irritated, but you wanted to look better!

Little energy

We get energy from food, and during the diet it gets smaller. Losing weight often limit the amount of carbohydrates – a source of acetate – a kind of fuel for muscles and the brain. There is a domino effect: because of fatigue, you can not play sports at full strength. A sedentary lifestyle inhibits the digestive processes in the body and there is an upset stomach, and with it yours.

Decreased immunity

The ability of the immune system to resist infections is affected by stress and malnutrition. Diet is 2 in 1. Frequent colds and long recoveries are symptoms of low immunity.

How to strengthen it? The first thing that comes to mind is to drink vitamins. Usually we get them with food, but the diet makes its own adjustments. Effervescent vitamin C from the pharmacy is unlikely to help – as it turned out, it does not significantly help the immune system.

What to do?

Choose a diet that you can definitely stick to, do not stop playing sports and use natural supplements-helpers. These include fibraxin .

How does Fibraxin help to maintain a diet?

Normalizes bowel function

Fibraxin is a prebiotic. Its natural component, arabinogalactan, is fermented in the intestine and creates a breeding ground for the growth of beneficial microflora. Motility improves, bacteria are happy, and with them you too – no stomach discomfort!

Dulls hunger

In the intestines, bacteria begin to ferment the contents of the Fibraxin sachet and produce propionate from it. It is this component that is responsible for satiety – it tells the brain that you are full. The more it is, the easier you can hold out until the next meal.

Improves skin condition

Bacteria also form butyrate from arabinogalactan – it nourishes the intestinal cells and promotes their renewal. Now that the intestinal barrier has been restored, no toxins and toxins will enter the bloodstream, and therefore will not affect your skin.

Accelerates energy

Smardart is a source of acetate – a “fuel” for muscles and the brain, so you will not be tired on a diet, even if you reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, and you can spend energy on training, rather than watching TV shows.

Supports immunity

Another natural component of Smardart is lactoferrin. This protein is found in breast milk and is responsible for immunity – it protects against viruses and infections.