DevOps Engineer – Remote Job Dublin, Ireland. €80k – 140k

DevOps Engineer -Remote Dublin, Ireland. About this job

Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior
Role: DevOps
Industry: DevOps, Recruiting, Software Development / Engineering
Company size: 11–50 people
Company type: Private

DevOps Engineer -Remote Dublin. Remote details

Preferred Timezone: (GMT+00:00) Dublin +/- 2 hours
Office Location: Dublin, Ireland. Employees can also work full time from this office.Also, visit Smardart or Jobzey for more job opportunities.

DevOps Engineer -Remote Dublin, Ireland.


Job description


Imagine texting with artists, celebrities, visionaries—the leaders you respect and admire—the same way
you do with your mom or best friend. Imagine texting with your fans, supporters, or patrons that very
same way, with smart, powerful tools to help you engage in direct, meaningful communication. At scale.
This is the reality we’re building at Community.

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We’re already busy helping some of the most prolific community leaders reach and respond to their
members in a way that outperforms the pay-to-play, throttled engagement of traditional social media
platforms. Community is not an evolution of social media, it’s a break away from it. A fresh start to
communication altogether.

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DevOps Engineer -Remote Dublin, Ireland.

About the role and your impact

At Community we are building an asynchronous messaging platform that integrates with multiple
messaging services at global scale. You would be working with a distributed, remote-first team that
spans North America and Europe.

Your day would be spent building and supporting the AWS-based
infrastructure and systems that underpin our product: building and configuring Terraform and Ansible
modules, improving on our custom Go-based tooling; working on our Vitess, Cassandra,

and Postgres
databases; designing and building simple monitoring integrations; designing new systems; pairing with
other engineers; and supporting other teams to deliver innovative features on a cutting edge stack.

We’re an early stage company and every team member has the potential to impact the organization for
years to come. You should bring new ideas, enthusiasm, and a drive for excellence and your efforts will
be rewarded.

We’re growth-oriented, both as a company and as individuals: we take learning seriously and invest in
growing our skills and our team’s capabilities. You will have the opportunity to share your expertise and
to learn from existing members of our high-performing team: our existing team includes authors from
well known publishers, an Elixir core team member, and engineers with decades of experience.

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What You’ll Do
● Build and support our AWS-based infrastructure and systems that underpin our product
● Build and configure Terraform and Ansible modules
● Improve on our custom Go-based tooling; working on our Viitess, Cassandra, and Postgres
● Design and build simple monitoring integrations
● Design new systems; pairing with other engineers and supporting other teams to deliver
innovative features on a cutting edge stack

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What You’ll Bring
● Robust software development and testing skills, ideally in Go, but we’re open to excellence in
other languages for those motivated to learn our stack
● Production experience, preferably at scale, on systems infrastructure
● A driving interest in testing, intentional design, and building quality software that lasts
● Hardworking and collaborative engineers, with a phenomenal team work ethic
● A focus on actively building and being part of a great, diverse engineering culture

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