What is Cryptocurrency Mining? Best #1 Ultimate Guide

Cryptocurrency Mining: As a beginner, maybe you’re being confused about the word ‘Mining’, well to explain this in a very simple way try to imagine golds and how they are being mined. But before you think of buying a physical shovel and mattock, let me explain how mining is done virtually.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is mined with the use of computers. Mining requires specialized computers that can find solutions to difficult math problems in order to add a new block into the blockchain. Anyone who has access to the internet with the right equipment can participate in mining and earn bitcoin rewards.

Mining is not that easy, but it depends on how much effort you are putting
in your network. To start mining bitcoins, you need to have the all necessary equipment for a more effective and successful mining process.
Things you need:

Get a Mining Rig: Cryptocurrency Mining

Mining rig can be costly, some choose to customize their own, while others often make an investment of buying the best rig to use.

Bitcoin Wallet

You can consider this one as an online wallet where you can store your bitcoins etc… safely. Once you’ve signed up for a wallet, make sure to get your wallet address – you can see it as a long sequence of numbers and letters. In keeping your coins, you must copy your wallet address on a sheet of paper or you can use some storage device as your back-up in case your computer crashes. So why you have to do this? It’s just simply because when your computer crashes all your bitcoins will disappear and they will be gone forever unless you know your wallet address.

Find a Mining Pool

The mining pool is a group of miners that combines their computing powers to get more Bitcoins. Joining a pool will give an easier and smaller algorithm to solve. But before deciding to join a pool you have to consider a few things first, and these questions must be answered clearly. What is the reward method in the pool? How stable is the pool? What are the fees and charges for withdrawal? How easy is withdrawing funds? How frequently they find a block?

Mining Program

Choose software depending on the equipment you are using – when GPUs and FPGAs you must use a host computer running these two; the standard bitcoin wallet, and the mining software. Consider also the OS (Operating System) you are using, for Windows the best software would be the Bitcoin Miner and BTCMiner, for Linux you can try CG Miner BFG Miner and EasyMiner, and if you’re using Mac OS, RPC Miner is the best for you. The mining software will the one to instruct the hardware to do the work of mining.

Start Mining- All is set and you need to start the mining process, connect your miner and power up – to start you need to put the mining pool, username, and password. Once configured you can
now mine your first bitcoin reward

Time Management: Time is limited, use it wisely! 

Best Wallets to Try

Coinbase- This online wallet was founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in the year 2011. The company launched to buy and sell bitcoin services in October 2013 This application operates exchanges of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. This cryptocurrency has already assisted 10 million customers and transacts worth $50 billion worth of digital currency exchanges so far according to their site.
Electrum– This is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets online. It is beneficial to both beginners and experts – Electrum focuses on speed and simplicity using the low resource of usage. This electronic wallet can handle complicated parts of the Bitcoin system by the use of remote servers. If ever you lose the wallet online during a computer crash, you can recover the wallet using a secret phrase.
Trezor– Trezor is the first hardware wallet in the market and the first to implement the passphrase feature. The passphrase feature secures the funds and if ever the owner loses the device. Trezor is a small device designed to protect private keys from possible hacking online 
Nano Ledger S– This wallet supports almost all the popular
cryptocurrencies and allows you to store. It has a special feature that can store 2 kinds of currency at the same time in the same wallet, unlike others that allow only one.