7 Reasons Why Coworkers Don’t Like You And How To Fix It

Employers often like to show off their team environment, but you may just be uncomfortable with your colleagues. Maybe the phrase from the reality show suits you better: “You didn’t come here to make friends. You came here to win. “

And that’s okay. Maybe you don’t care if your colleagues like you; however, you shouldn’t care if they don’t like you. Being a quiet loner doesn’t necessarily stop you from contributing and being part of a team, but active dislike can negatively impact your career. After all, the less likable you are, the less likely others will partner with you, volunteer to help you when you need it, or recommend you for promotion.

You pull the covers over yourself all the time

We all enjoy getting praise and recognition for our hard work. This is something that everyone appreciates – not just you.

But if an employee is only concerned with creating a successful career, it is quite difficult to love him.

How to fix it: Be merciful in your success and give credit where necessary. When you are successful, do not forget those who helped you along the way.

You don’t notice your mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes – that’s okay. The most important thing is to work to eliminate them. And don’t pretend that there are no problems.

“Someone who makes a mistake and, instead of admitting, tries to hide it or even blame someone else, is unlikely to generate respect and recognition,” says Sara Shevitz, a licensed psychologist.

How to fix it: Allow yourself to be more vulnerable in the workplace by admitting your mistakes, apologizing for them and, if necessary, asking for help in solving the problem, advises Shewitz.

You like to complain

We all complain about work from time to time. But constantly complaining to your colleagues won’t help anyone – least of all, yourself.

“We all feel unhappy about our circumstances at times, but a consistent pattern of negativity tends to destroy the environment for others and alienate others,” said Donna Lubrano, associate professor at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies.

How to fix it: If you’re constantly unhappy with your job, it might be time to look for a new one. Identify your biggest problems and start looking for a place where those problems won’t be.

You are antisocial

Of course, there are times when people prefer to keep aloof, this does not mean that it should become a habit. When it comes to colleagues, communication can go a long way.

How to fix it: Make an effort to get to know your colleagues as people. Agree to an unscheduled chance meeting after work, or offer to have lunch with a colleague. Not only will you be more likable, but research shows that connecting with other employees can actually make you more engaged and happier in your job.

Negative body language

Just exchanging pleasantries with coworkers may not be enough, especially if your body language says otherwise. Think how often you don’t look at your colleague, cross your arms over your chest, stoop? You alienate your colleagues.

How to fix it: Take yoga or ballet classes to improve your posture, or take an eloquence class.

Disrespect for someone else’s space and time

Disrespecting someone’s personal space or wasting someone’s time is often interpreted as a personal insult.

How to fix it: Don’t assume that your coworkers will constantly adjust to you. Remember that they have responsibilities and priorities that require their attention. Alert them by phone or email and asking if they have time to talk. Also, be careful about the volume of your voice and try not to solve personal problems at work.


People tend to like someone they can trust, and gossip is a quick way to show your coworkers that you can’t be a reliable partner. Gossip is one of the main behaviors that reduce an employee’s chances of promotion.

How to fix it: Apart from not having to do office gossip yourself, save yourself the temptation to support a coworker who is gossiping. You may never be liked by everyone – and that’s fine – but you can prevent your coworkers from seeing you as downright disagreeable. You will be pleasantly surprised at how little effort it takes to make a big impact on your colleagues’ opinion of you.

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