Computer Science Engineering. (remote) $70-95K

Computer Science Engineering to Brainstorm Topics for new Articles (remote). About this job

Job type: Contract
Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior, Lead
Industry: Java, Software Development, Web Development
Company size: 11–50 people
Company type: Private


Computer Science Engineering. Job description


I’m looking for an experienced engineer/scientist with a strong background in Computer Science, to help us brainstorm new topics for the site.

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Computer Science Engineering. The Goal

The process of brainstorming new topics is, at the core, a simple one, as you can imagine – finding new topics in a technical area (full example below).

The goal is to simply find good topics in a broader area, in the Computer Science ecosystem.

You’ll naturally get access to our internal topic research documentation and video library – so you can hit the ground running.

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An Example

Let’s say we need to write about Algorithm Complexity Analysis.

Here are a few potential topics that would make sense in this area:

  • An Introduction to the Theory of Big-O Notation
  • Practical Examples of the Big-O Notation
  • Differences Between Time and Space Complexity
  • etc…

The Eval

The evaluation process for the job will also be very simple – we’re going to go with a time-boxed, 5-hour topic push.

You’re going to be spending an hour or so watching the documentation videos and the rest finding some actual topics.

Of course, the process is paid normally, at the standard rate – 20$ / hour (applicable in the first 3 months).


When you apply, please tell me about your CS background/studies/experience.

Best of luck,


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