Chief People Officer (Remote) – Riyadh, SA. $400K p/a

Chief People Officer (Remote) – Riyadh, SA. $400K p/a. Remote-work is quickly becoming the default option for high-tech jobs. Crossover is the platform for top-paying, full-time, long-term remote work, and now is a great time to get onboard. We are growing rapidly across nearly 50 different job positions.


This listing is for our Organization Builder position, but we have found great applicants often have a current title of Chief People Officer or similar, so don’t be confused about that difference, we are glad you found us. Hit “Apply” to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Crossover helps its customers complete high-quality work by delivering elite teams composed of the brightest and most driven people in the world. After decades of utilizing a 100% fully-remote workforce, we have learned that traditional recruiting approaches won’t lead to the top-1% of talent in a boundaryless world.

Unlike most companies, our approach to recruiting is centered around what a candidate can do, not what they wrote on their CV and not who is in their personal network. While CV screenings are subjective, inefficient and biased on a small scale, these problems are amplified and become 10x worse when recruiting globally.

Organization Builders are the strategic leaders that take ownership of one or more recruiting pipelines and hire multiple people per week for each team they support. They are typically strategy and management consultants who have trained to decompose business processes and reconstruct them in more efficient forms.

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Chief People Officer (Remote). Key responsibilities:

  • Developing a deep understanding of the work that is done on a team
  • Identifying what differentiates low quality and high quality work
  • Finding or building assessments that evaluate an applicant’s ability to do the real work


  • Distilling what makes the work exciting and different from other organizations
  • Crafting content to use on job boards, social media and our career pages that motivate candidates to take the assessments and “audition” for the role
  • Evaluating work that applicants submit and interviewing those that meet your high quality bar

Senior Analyst, Internal Audit – Stockholm, SE

Chief People Officer. Candidate requirements:

  • At least 3 years of experience working in a software company or as a management consultant advising a software business
  • The ability to simplify complex ideas and write them clearly and concisely
  • Experience managing others and being responsible for the quality of their work

Chief People Officer. What you will be doing:

  • Diving deep into a new team that you will have minimal experience with, learning what the real work is, and simplifying it into a structured format.
  • Designing the real work assignments
  • Operating your pipeline. Once you’ve plugged your content into your automated platform you will be interviewing candidates and grading assignments

IT PMO (m/wo/d) – München, Germany. Best Job

You will not be…

  • Designing compensation or benefits packages
  • Combing through CVs and role openings to find matches
  • Directly managing people.

There is so much to cover for this exciting role, and space here is limited. Hit the Apply button if you found this interesting and want to learn more. We look forward to meeting you!
What to expect next:

  • You will receive an email with a link to start your self-paced, online job application.
  • Our hiring platform will guide you through a series of online “screening” assessments to check for basic job fit, job-related skills, and finally a few real-world job-specific assignments.
  • You will be paired up with one of our recruiting specialists who can answer questions you might have about the process, role, or company, and help you get to the final interview step.

Data Support Engineer – Dublin, Ireland 

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Seniority Level



  • Computer Software
  • Internet
  • Management Consulting

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Business Development
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering

Information Technology Graduate – Lisbon, Portugal.

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