Career coach as a profession. Why you may consider to become

Profession – career coach. What makes it unique? For whom? When?

A career coach is a career development specialist who helps make decisions, take actions, and achieve goals.
Career coaching – This is a unique technology of career development that allows a person to realize his true professional vocation and be as effective as possible in his activities.

Career takes a very important place in a person’s life. This is the foundation of his well-being. A successful career ensures material well-being, satisfies a person’s needs for self-realization, respect, and self-respect, and gives a sense of self-confidence. Conscious career management allows you to have a clear past, a desirable present, and a predictable future.

However, as in any specialization, for career coaching to be truly high-quality and effective, mastering only general coaching competencies and basic techniques is not enough, additional special knowledge is needed on such topics as people and organization, work and self-realization, disclosing and realizing potential, building, planning, and career management, etc. Also, in career coaching, special tools and approaches are used.

Who will be interested in:

Psychologists, consultants, coaches who are faced with career development requests, job changes, and want to replenish their arsenal of services for working with clients.

Career consultants, training, and personnel development managers who want to apply coaching techniques in their work.

Recruiters who want to master the tools to assess the potential and strong professional competencies of job seekers, as well as help build satisfying careers.

HR managers of all levels who want to get the tools of an effective coach and in practice implement a career development program for staff within the company.

For you, if you are looking for yourself, are tired of unloved work and want to gain new knowledge and practical experience in a demanded profession – a career coach.

Why is “Career Coaching” so in demand today ?:

Career coaching is a large and unfilled niche in the Russian market. The demand in this area is high, and there are not enough specialists who can do high-quality and effective work.

According to statistics, today 50% of working Russians want to change jobs, are dissatisfied with their work, their wages

1. How to find yourself and start making good money is one of the main requests and stumbling blocks for many clients.

2. How to become effective and in-demand?

3. How to deal with fears?

4. What to do when everything is tired, lethargy, fatigue, apathy

5. What is happening, why we are not invited to interviews and hired. After all, the experience is gorgeous, a 5+ track record.

Career coach clients:

  • professionals of all levels who want to take care of their careers,
  • with people who want to increase their income, enjoy life more, take everything possible from life, work, business.
  • executives facing a career crisis,
  • high school students, choice of profession
  • recent university graduates choosing their first job,
  • aspiring entrepreneurs choosing a niche for their business.

Examples of career coaching requests:

– I want to decide what I want and go to a new job, corresponding to my wishes for it in 3 months.
– Now I am a good specialist in my field, but in half a year I want to make a leap forward and get the position of the head of the department
– I want to understand what qualities I need to develop, as well as how I can achieve them in order to get this job …
– My goal is to improve my relationships with my colleagues, I want to understand what and how I need to do for this.
– I want to change the field of activity, but I don’t know what exactly I want. My goal is to understand what I want and how I can achieve it, given that I will not have experience in this area
– I am a student, I just graduated from the institute, I want to understand what to do next, to develop a plan for how to get a job, given that I have no work experience.
– I just want to change jobs, I need professional support, vision, incentive, otherwise, I will sit here for a long time.
– My relationship with my manager is not going well, and it is he who makes the decision at the end of the year, on which my further material and professional growth will depend. I want to continue working at my company, but my relationship compromises my goal. I need to solve this problem and establish a relationship with the leader.
– I want to earn more and work no more than 4 hours a day. How can I achieve this?
– I want to open my own business, how can I achieve this?
– I want to develop my business, how can I do it?
– I want to be more efficient at work.

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