Top 5 Best Apps for Business in 2020

Best Apps for Business. Today, there are 1.4 million mobile applications, of which 176,864 are business applications designed to help you better manage your time and affairs. There are a lot of applications, but you cannot download all of them. What to choose? What applications are really worth your attention?


Here are the top 10 mobile apps you need to download to maximize your productivity and manage your business on the go.

Best Apps for business: YANDEX DRIVE

There are many cloud services similar to Yandex Disk. The most popular of these is Google Drive. However, out of all the diversity, we recommend the Yandex disk, as It is distinguished by the greatest user convenience.

The usefulness of cloud services these days is hard to overestimate. Almost all software manufacturers are gradually moving to cloud services. The advent of cloud services has made familiar disks and flash drives obsolete technology. After all, everything that you may need (any of your documents) can be stored on a cloud service and opened from any device, wherever you are. And Yandex-disk copes with this task as it should.

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Nothing more – everything is intuitive here. Yandex disk is basically just a folder where you can upload any files, just like in a regular folder. But it is available from any device (of course, with a password). This is certainly convenient, and most importantly – this method of storing information is definitely safer than storage on a computer or flash drive.

 After all, the computer may break, the flash drive may get lost. Almost every one of us at one time at least once lost valuable files for this reason. With a Yandex drive, this is completely ruled out. Only you, as well as people you trust, can access the folder. This is another useful feature of cloud services – it is the easiest and safest way to share files with anyone, anytime.

If you are still not using the cloud service, you are clearly behind the times.

Best Apps for business: GOOGLE CALENDAR

Great time planner. This application is quite simple and allows you to effectively distribute your time. With Google’s planner, you’ll never forget what you’ve planned for today, tomorrow, and the year ahead. On many devices, the application is installed by default. There is a version for both Android and iOS. If you did not find it on your phone or tablet, you can always find it on Google Play and the AppStore.

The application contains everything you may need from a calendar. As well as a number of specific chips. For example, synchronization with Gmail. That is, if you rent a hotel or book a hotel, the information is automatically duplicated in the calendar, and you will never forget about an important event. ‘

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With a Google planner, it will be much easier for you to find the time to achieve your goals. Sync with Google Fit to optimize your sporting tasks, as well as track progress

Best Apps for business: BANK AND ONLINE WALLET APPS

The list of the most necessary applications for any businessman includes online wallets (Yandex money, Webmoney, PayPal, etc.). In addition, each major bank has its own mobile application with the ability to not only fully control their finances, but also manage them. 

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Using such applications, you can pay any bills (including utilities and fines), pay taxes, send and receive payments, and even use a smartphone instead of a credit card, which is much safer than carrying cash with you. Some banks no longer have fixed points, but are just one mobile application. With this app, you no longer need to go to the bank. It is convenient and saves time.

Best Apps for business: EVERNOTE

Evernote is an amazing application that is another cloud service for storing and exchanging documents and photos on any device and from anywhere. Keeping important text documents, the audio recordings and photos you created on one device is simply unsafe and inconvenient. 

With Evernot, your records and files will always be with you, wherever you are. All you need to access them is the availability of the Internet. In special cases, you don’t even need to download the application. After all, you can download any information directly in the browser, like a regular site, by entering a username and password.

Evernote is a convenient document creation tool that should replace your Word and similar legacy editors a long time ago.

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If you still use flash drives and stationary file storage in the old fashioned way, switch to cloud services. It is much safer and more modern.

Best Apps for business: MICROSOFT OFFICE MOBILE

Why might you need Microsoft Office Mobile? Here everything that you are accustomed to in the familiar package from Microsoft. Create tables in Excel, presentations in PowerPoint, and of course text files in Word. All these functions, which were previously only available on desktop PCs and laptops, can now be used on a smartphone.

But most importantly, Microsoft is keeping up with the times, and now the standard “Office” is available in the cloud. That is, you can save documents not only on the device, but also in the cloud, so they will be available to you from any device with the application installed.

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