5G Technological Revolution Will Change Reality

Soon, it will be possible to use 5G super features even on a cheap mobile phone, while receiving incredible Internet speed and huge amounts of information.

5G Technology
5G Technology

New horizons for medicine and transport will open. At the government level, a completely new type of communication is already being discussed with might and main. About 5G is the standard about which there is now only talk.

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Thanks to 5G, the user will be able to control the game running on another device from the tablet. It is useful in production, control can be remote. So, for example, it will be possible to drive a truck that is a thousand kilometers away. At the current speeds of mobile Internet, all this is almost impossible. Moreover, the Internet of things is impossible – when, for example, an autopilot is in communication with traffic lights, and in the salon any movie is in ultra-high resolution.

The transition to 5G promises a new technological revolution – with telemedicine, drones and the introduction of VR (virtual reality) in everyday life. 5G public networks have already been launched in South Korea.

The speed of mobile Internet in the fifth generation of cellular communications (5G) will exceed 1 Gbit / s. In practice, high (several tens of megabits per second) speed should be received by a large group of users – and these are not only people but also inanimate subscribers: smart cars, smart home systems, and smart cities.

The fifth-generation was tested at the February 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang (South Korea). The commercial operation of the fifth-generation network in South Korea began on April 5, when Samsung opened the sale of its 5G-compatible Galaxy S10 smartphone. According to telecommunications company KT, the 5G network is ready for operation in 85 cities, including Seoul with a population of almost 10 million people.